Prankenstein Review: What’s It About:

The story is about young pranksters (YouTubers) who lead their daily lives making fun of others. They got so obssessed with fame that they forgot when to stop. But there is a saying, “Everyone must know when to stop cause’ when Karma hits you back, there is no escape.” They too learnt their lesson at the end. And things turned a lot since the beginning. Can they spread the good message to this generation?

Veteran Actor Koushik Ganguly, A scene from the web series

Prankenstein Review: What Works:

I might sound a bit biased with my review. Be it a fan moment, be it watching a Bengali web series after a long time. But I am trying to note down every detail which I think you all should know and experience before and after watching this wonderful creation by Klikk and the entire team.

When I first heard the name, I thought it was an adaptation of the child comics book Prankenstein: The Book of Crazy Mischief. But it is not. If you are wondering if it is not related to the book, is it related to Dr. Frankenstein’s story? Well, no! The story is about four YouTubers who express themselves as Pranksters and in their thirst for fame, they outdid themselves and committed a murder. To hide their sin, they left the victim in the open field in the night and fled. But they didn’t stop or rather it became a fame game for them to prank others at the cost of killing / mentally abusing someone.

Sritama Dey, A scene from the web series

I am not going to write a spoiler because I want you to watch it yourselves. And this is not a paid blog so I am not going to provide the subscription link of Klikk either! Sorry Klikk, but I am very professional, haha! For those who are wondering, google the link yourselves.

Let’s get back to the review.

Each and every scene is somehow linked to the other. You have to hear every dialogues minutely because those are so meaningful. It might sound gibberish at the beginning but once things keep going, you are going to understand how we have changed as humans just because of fame and social media.

The first 15-20 minutes would give you a vibe of a horror film, well you could be wrong. You have to watch the entire series at a go to understand the deep meaning of the story.

Sagnik Chatterjee, the director was right about one thing. It would have not been possible with the maestro Koushik Ganguly. Nobody else could have played that part the way he did. His every actions, expressions, the sensitivity to create the environment was mindblowing. Man, it gave me goosebumps!

I was watching Arita’s Gyan vlog before writing this review and he did mention that if you are working with a veteran actor, the entire experience changes. The new actors were so involved in their characters that it was a competition of who’s better than who in every scene.

The four Youtubers portrayed by the young actors Dip Dey, Sritama Dey, Ipsita Kundu and Remoo have done an excellent job. It’s not just regular teenagers doing their part and leaving the set. They were well versed and they gave it all. I am so happy that the Bengali Film Industry is working more on good content and casts and not just commercialization and profit margin.

Remoo, a scene from the web series

The concept of the everything you need is in the bag reminded me of the Mokeskin pouch from Harry Potter movie series.

Prankenstein Review: What Could Have Been Better:

I was having a dilemma whether to rate this web series 4 or 4.5 out of 5 but I would stick to 4 because of the following reasons:

  1. The sound production and design team needs to work a lot. The reason I am saying this is because the entire web series is compelling and carries a good story that the audience will nost just appreciate but realize that the materialistic world has affected so deeply that they have forgotten to care about other living beings.
  2. I was a bit hesistant to say this but since I am writing the negative points too, I think I should write it down. The dubbing team and the post production team needs to work a lot since there was an audio sync issue in multiple frames. When you are delivering a content with a high magnitude, small errors like this can cause the audience from not watching it.
  3. VFX team could have rendered the clouds a bit more realistic considering the latest tech used nowadays.
  4. Cigarette consumption could have been used a bit less and other things could have been put to use to continue the flow of the scene.

If you are reading this blog, I would request you to watch this web series rather I would say a movie fragmented in four parts because this is itself an experience. Hat’s off to the director for delivering a content like this. The use of the evergreen Bengali songs added a different flavor to the series.

If you are still wondering what to do, just subscribe to the OTT platform and watch it. Believe me, this web series is worth watching.

I will be watching Montu Pilot 2 now and will leave a review soon. Do let me know if you liked Prankenstein.

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