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Review: Bajirao Mastani

“Bajirao Mastani” – A Must Watch this Season!

Cast: Ranveer Singh

Deepika Padukone

Priyanka Chopra

Director: Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s long awaited film Bajirao Mastani has hit the box office hard, with tickets being sold even after three weeks of its grand release on the 18th of December, 2015. Based on the life of the Maratha ruler Peshwa Bajirao, the movie does not promise detailed and accurate representation of facts; nevertheless, the aspect on which the film focuses, the love triangle of Bajirao, Kashibai and Mastani, has been wonderfully put forward by the director and artists.

The plot is basically that of a love story, but unique in its own way, as all love stories are. Bajirao (Ranveer Singh), the Maratha ruler of Pune who dreams of conquering all parts of India and has achieved numerous victories on account of his clever war tactics, is approached by Mastani (Deepika Padukone), daughter of the King of Chhatrasal and Ruhaani Bai (his court dancer), guised as a soldier to seek help from the Peshwa as their fort in Bundelkhand is under enemy attack. Peshwa, impressed by Mastani’s skill as a warrior, agrees to ride with her and give their empire the required aid. Bajirao inevitably falls head over heels in love with the stunning dancer and warrior, and Mastani requites the same love. The exchange of a dagger convinces Mastani that Rao has married her in his mind, and she does the same. Back home, Rao’s first wife, Kashibai awaits his return. The story complicates when Mastani shows up in Pune, and claims to be accepted as Rao’s second wife. Plots are devised by Rao’s kingsmen to kill Mastani, as they cannot accept a Muslim girl into their household. Promises and hearts are kept and broken, quarrels and feuds arise, wars are fought, and tears are shed. The movie ends with the tragic end of the two lovers, Bajirao and Mastani, as the former hallucinates in his frenzy of a terrible fever and the latter is imprisoned by Rao’s son; and Kashibai heartbroken at her inability to save the love of her life from his doom.


The two relationships of Bajirao with Kashibai and Mastani are beautifully portrayed, the manner of their loves shown to be so different but the love itself, so alike. The Ranveer- Deepika jodi steals the show, Ranveer’s Maratha accent and Deepika’s flawless beauty enhancing the same. Priyanka Chopra does justice to the role of Kashibai and her acting is quite commendable. Though the visual effects may seem a tad bit over the top in some scenes, the overall essence of the atmosphere that is created is not hampered by it. In fact, the Ayna-Mahal shown in the movie is a sight to behold. The songs are vibrant and soulful; Deepika’s dance in “Deewani Mastani” something like a dream.


Some may perceive this movie as only a far-fetched love story etched between two historical characters, but there seems to be a deeper and incessant message behind every scene. The ancient feud between Hindus and Muslims can be said to be one of the main themes of the movie; the obstacles and social barriers faced by a Hindu and Muslim, which are shown in the movie, are perhaps still relevant and universal.

“Humare dil ek saath dhadakte hai… aur ek saath rukte bhi hai”—the dialogue that immortalizes Rao and Mastani’s love, is applicable not only to these two lovers, but by extension, to every person and every kind of relationship that we have with and amongst each other.


Review by: Trisha Mandal
Image Courtesy: Google
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