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The Fifty Shades Trilogy

The series of the novel “Fifty Shades” by E L James has been criticised a lot of times by many critics even readers. This novel is erotic in its form and appeal. James is an American author. She has holds a place in Forbes’ richest women category. This novel has three parts of it, ‘FIFTY SHADES OF GREY'(2011),  ‘FIFTY SHADES DARKER’ (2012), and ‘FIFTY SHADES FREED'(2012).

This novel series have got an instant recognition from its first publication. This trilogy offers an insight to the BDSM theme. This novel was adapted for a Hollywood movie in the same name, starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in lead. This trilogy costs around a thousand rupees in Indian currency now.

The first book of this trilogy, the’Fifty shades of Grey’ depicts the formation of a relationship between two protagonists, Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey through sexual relationship. Anastasia is a literature student while Christian is a young business magnet. Anastasia conducts the interview with Christian because her roommate Kate gets ill. The innocent and inexperienced Ana finds it difficult to conduct the interview with the charming Christian while he finds it exciting and attractive. After that Christian tries to form a relationship with her through the sexual BDSM theme.

He introduces her to this world. The first part is mainly focused on the formation of a newly budding relationship between them. The second part ‘Fifty shades Darker’ is showing that their relationship is actually growing up towards a serious one. Here Christian is seen to put extra effort in the relationship other than secual relationship. The third part, the ‘Fifty shades Freed’ depicts their marriage and how they handle each other by the means of understanding. This part shows how Christian falls in love with Ana in a stronger and permanent way.

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There are a sort of unfolding of  layers of Christian’s psyche. The complexity of his character is skillfully portrayed by James. In the first part while Ana seems to be the girl-next-door who finds Christian intimidating but then realises the degree of his complex sight. The author tries to depict a love story in the foil of BDSM theme. As a romantic love story,  it is good but the vivid usage of sexual scenes are sometimes overflowing, it feels as if the author is putting it everywhere. In the first part Christian seems to be depending on Ana only because of sex but the beginning of the second part is actually underlined his strong feeling towards her. 

The author tries to put a lot more emotional connection in this second part. Though sometimes it feels as if the heroine is liable to take all the responsibilities and problems. James does a good job when it comes to showcasing the inner conflicts of the protagonist. In the third part they het married but their conflicts remain alive.

The author has made them overflowing with problems but she also beautifully penned the deep understanding between them. The techniques of telling a story is impressive but the unnecessary details of physical relationships make the novel longer and much more complicated than it is supposed to be…

This trilogy is exciting, it is as if we are reading a teenage love story but the unnecessary sex descriptions makes it repetitive and boring some times. Also there is like a lot of complexity in the hero, so it sometimes feel too much to take. But overall it has the nice touch of vivid description by James. Also the quality to pen down in the imagination of the readers is something Janes uses in this trilogy a lot. 

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