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Review: Abby Sen

Abby Sen will tickle you with nostalgia, pinch you with love and will hug you with laughter.

It is a SCI-FI, romantic drama with the feather of comedy.


Atanu Ghosh hits this 5th punch in the box office after five big Puja releases and that too with rage!

Abby (Abir Chatterjee) a geek of 2013 who loses his 7th job after lower TRP ratings of his shows as a television producer, fears to share his office “drop-out” before his wife Sromy (Arunima Ghosh).

With prior help of his mate Bimbo (Neel) meets Mr Dhiraj (Paran Bandopadhay) who suggests Abby to use his ideas in a channel of 1980 (Grand channel).

Scientist (Chiranjeet Chakraborty) helps Abby with his newly invented capsule which took him to 1980.

A still from Abby Sen

1980… the city of joy gave Abby a good job and a new partner Paroma (Raima Sen). Eternal tussle of a sensitive man torn between illusion and emotion gives the movie a perfect sound ending “‪#‎Without‬ Interruption” .

Plotting of witty and hilarious dialogues with every scene of the film makes the presentation a “Q Class”!

Kanchan Mullik, Bratya Basu, Priyanka Sarkar, Bhaswar Chatterjee and Bishwanath Basu must be specially appreciated for their outstanding acting and screen presence , Kharaj Mukherjee tickles you all as usual despite his small cameo in the film.

Abir along with Raima Sen and all the above mentioned actors were best in their roles which makes every audience satisfied. Raima Sen was best till date and one can smoothly fall in love with her retro appearance.

A still from Abby Sen
A still from Abby Sen

Music gets a special mention here for the chart buster “Takey Khuji” sung by Anwesha and composed by Joy Sarkar that gives a RDB essence which sandwiches the retrolicious movie.

Direction was awesome and Atanu Ghosh is growing from heights to heights with his new and fresh scripts and stories…specially pointing to this one as he has beautifully portrayed the 1980’s Calcutta without any B/W effect giving special attention to the scene continuity and surroundings except some frames of the Circular Railway.

This movie will tickle you with nostalgia ,pinch you with love and will hug you with laughter which snatches 4.5 stars out of 5 for this will give you back the feeling of past blockbusters akin “Bhooter Bhobishyot” and “Open Tee Bioscope ” for which people waited for years and this makes it another must watch of the year!


Content writer : Pratyush Mondal
Photo Courtesy :  Google
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