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Acnes and acne scars, a product that wil remove this!

Acnes and acne scars are something we all hate to have. But they are those nasty ugly guests who visit without any invitation.

Tired if those false promises that the advertisements made in the past?  But failed miserably on your scars? You end up looking really beaten up with those marks. Girl, I get you.

But don’t worry. Here I am sharing with you the product that can act as your dual knight to save you both from acne and those marks!

Name: Adapalene Gel Adaferin 0.1%

Price: 268 bucks.

Texture: Gel based. formula, no fragrance.

Availability: In all medical stores.

Duration: 2 years.

Application: Clean your face. Apply as a spot corrector not on the whole at night. After 2 hours wash it off.

Visible result: within 1 month.

My verdict: Girls, I am the acne prone one. And I know how it feels to have those ugly marks on your skin. This product was recommended by my dermatologist.

I have applied this regularly on the acne spots and not on overall face. It doesn’t cause any irritation. But you may notice some skin-peeling but thats complete fine with this product.

After applying it, you will feel a cool sensation. It will soothe the irritated skin and calm those acnes.

I have visibly noticed my stubborn acne marks just going. It also prevents my acne from coming again and again.

It is a overall good product. And it works for me.

I recommend this to you, if you have medium acne and acne scars on your face.

Go girl, now you can also enjoy the smooth skin. Now you don’t have to worry about those uninvited guests who appear before special days. But remember alone any product will not do the magic for long run. You must maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to get glowing skin.

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