Pages of My Unweighted Thoughts

Pages of my unweighted thoughts

All I could see was a dark speck!
The window pane was shattered, the smoked glass was rendering, the coffee in my extra large bon china mug shabbily welcomed the evening!
My armchair never betrayed me, it pampered me in a lap of lonely desire each time I dived into…
Oh wait, is that’s what I am so obsessed with?
My letters to unknown addresses never replied back, nor they would ever do so in forth!
My nights are captivating, my words are demons with bloody nuisance!
I walk alone the streets of unearthly desires drenching my feet in a ocean of sweat, the fruit of effort!
I can dive in to the deep craters unexecuted with a slight ray of light so far!
Hey, are you listening?
The speck is getting darker, lights in my room, doomer…
My armchair is calling me to fall upon,
My coffee mug, with a liquid which no more matters to be named, asks for a sip!
And my mind with nightly desires, attracts to seep in that speck, that darkness!

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