Chapter 1: The Spectre
The summer eve had halted its bees , to go in search of the midnight moon. The night was cold and the usual numbness of may was fast withering against the chilly winds that combined with the cold pavement hosting home to Lalit’s family,and his undisturbed dreamland,for they seeked not grievance but deliverance from life.The town of Tulsipur slept soundly as the winds of                                                              Everest that stroked the pup’s hair, sounded the dream-catcher ,dried the moist lips of the lovers and lightened several bedrooms to a common conjuring. There was no midnight bell that tolled the city aware of the sinister clouds that would be reflected on the cheeks of those who slept peacefully then. A sudden calmness winged down on the candles that flickered by the violent wind were thought to be raped till sleep. The broad street that housed Lalit’s family was occupied by a flickering wind that played with the fallen newspapers and leaves, leaving a sweet lullaby that cradled Lalit’s ears. As each ear of the town recorded silence and its symphony, the highest requiem was still awaited that would set forth nature in harmony. Lalit felt a sudden jolt and opened his eyes. The land was violently shaking now as if the city was to be surfed upon concrete waves, and a sudden siren was sounded, and with which began the conversion of human beings to bees, that violently cried out in all directions. Lalit rose up abruptly and tried to console his stature. It was barely possible to stand and not succumb to Richter scale. Lalit hugged his closest fears, it was a catastrophic earthquake!A sudden unforced tear escaped Lalit’s eye as he let out a loud cry, to wake up as his mother with whom he shared his bread, love and honor. Lalit’s mother had fallen prey to an incurable disease, which Lalit had no idea of, his mother , an aged lady of 48 could barely stir herself and it was Lalit who went with his sack empty in the morning and filled by night(with treasure we call- rubbish), from which they managed a meagre meal once in the afternoon and some obsolete substance at night.

The sudden release of structure to the rages of nature proved very chaotic, and the trebles went on. Lalit quickly gathered his senses,pumped up his adrenaline sub consciously and went forth to wake up his mother who was sleeping on the other side of the street with few other women under a lamp post.                                As Lalit was crossing the street that was instantly crowded by herds of humans, and was approaching his mother, another sudden jolt threw weak Lalit to his feet and on his knees.The next moment when he lifted up his eyes, Lalit’s mother’s tear swelled eyes met his, she was struggling to get up and as amiable faith falls in disjuncture to mankind, Lalit’s hypocritical notion was destroyed on that very moment when he lifted his eyes and saw his mother ,behind whom was a building collapsing facing its fall towards the street.
“Mother!!!” a dismal loud cry sheared its companions as till the last moment of the fall ,Lalit’s eyes met his mother’s that had endured all spectrums of poverty disease, and adjectives used to describe a miserable life. The building fell few metres from Lalit bringing in a clasp of thunder that clocked out Lalit’s ears and choked his breath with dust and fell few metres away from Lalit with a loud thud, and let out a puff of dust, as if the last chapter of the oldest book had been closed.

                                                                 Lalit shook heavily and sat rooted for some time, the shock was too difficult to be endured at single strike. He couldn’t even touch his mother for the last time with whom he had seen his childhood and adolescence, the only person who really mattered to Lalit was lost  along and amongst such people who combined to behave as humans for their own dispositions, and combined same to dust. He rushed up to the fallen building and started scraping out the bricks with tear swelled eyes and wounded heart and crying out  “maa”.

No sooner was his cries paid heed to, another quake followed and Lalit looked up left wards and saw the wall collapsing upon him.. he lifted his arm and then a gentle thud in a gentle earth, and the door was closed with the softest of kisses.. and let Lalit sleep for the last time blanketed by concrete and united by the same to his mother.. who lay soul less, unlike to Lalit who life was living another lifelessness .

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