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Hate Story 3 review: They danced, bathed, screamed and bored

Film: Hate Story 3
Cast: Sharman Joshi, Karan Singh Grover, Zarine Khan, Daisy Shah
Director: Vishal Pandya
Rating: 1.5/5

Do you like films based on corporate rivalries? Are profound relationship dramas number one on your priority list? Can you not live without an edgy thriller? Well, then Hate Story 3 is NOT meant for you.

Aditya Diwan (Sharman Joshi) is a Mumbai-based millionaire who has fingers in many pies. He controls a cola company and owns hotels across the globe and decides to open a super-specialty clinic in tribute to his deceased brother. He is also married to his brother’s ex girlfriend Siya (Zarine Khan). Just when it looks like he has everything going for him, his whole life turns upside down.

Karan Singh Grover was earlier seen with Bipasha Basu in Alone. (YouTube)

Business tycoon Saurabh Singhania (Karan Singh Grover), who likes to stand at the edge of skyscrapers, makes Aditya an ‘indecent proposal’ which involves Siya, immediately triggering a war between the two. The attacks, counter attacks and many, many bathing scenes form the rest of the story.

The moment you see what is supposed to be a serious TV interview cutting to Siya’s thighs, you understand what to expect from director Vishal Pandya’s Bathe..err..Hate Story 3 — steam, steam and more steam. A good chunk of the film has been shot with the two heroines under a shower and the two really, really like using the geyser.

Did I tell you about the second heroine of the film? No? Ok, so Daisy Shah plays Aditya’s close ally Kaya Sharma, who has risen from being a receptionist to one of the top brasses of Diwan Industries. Just in case you’re wondering about her meteoric rise, one of her KRAs is seducing the rivals. And you thought working in the corporate sector is easy! She is most aptly named character in the whole film.

Before Hate Story 3, Daisy Shah was seen with Salman Khan in Jai Ho.

It doesn’t matter much to Kaya if her company is under immediate threats — she will lend an ear only after gyrating to some remixed tunes that sound like ‘sardi me garmi hai, poori besharmi hai’ and ‘jo bhi socha sapno me, aaj dikha de sab kar ke’. Through the course of the movie, she keeps undressing and getting under the shower, but she fails to hold a candle to Siya, as far as bathing scenes are concerned. Zarine has bathed more than any other heroine in recent times. Seems like a solid case of obsessive compulsive disorder.

As if two wildly swaying, lip-licking heroines were not enough, Karan Singh Grover also joins the party. Brightly lit images and super slow motion shots also come to their aid, and together they accomplish the task of making the bathroom the most important place in the film. Oh yes, before I forget, they like to keep an Isaac Newton book on the side table while doing… well, you know what — bathing!

Hate Story 3 is directed by Vishal Pandya. (YouTube)

Sharman Joshi tries really hard to infuse some soul in this 131-minute film, but there’s hardly anything in the script. The actor is granted the benefit of doubt. Karan Singh Grover did Alone before Hate Story, so he can’t be granted any leverage. Zarine Khan and Daisy Shah look great, but that’s pretty much it.

Hate Story 3 has more turns than a road in the hills. After a point, it becomes a futile task to figure out who’s chasing who. And that makes you wait for another bathing scene. Be glad that Pandya obliges us everytime.

Watch: The trailer of Hate Story 3

Hate Story 3 can boast of some fast paced editing and cool tunes. However, as a Kumar Sanu fan, I am still scarred by the newer version of ‘Tumhe apna banane ki kasam khayi hai’. It’s actually the film’s sleek editing which manages to keep the audience on their seats till the end credits. Hate Story 3 fails to make a good watch.


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