Interview with Subhamita Banerjee

1. How was your experience during the jouney of MTV India’s Top Model?

Ans: It was really good, tough and adventourus at the same time! However, it was unexpected for me that I will be one of
the top positions. Generally, we don’t get to see so many challenging activities in other model shows. So, sometimes it
becomes really difficult because you need to perform even if you are not comfortable or aware of certain things.

2. Since how long you are into modeling?

Ans: I am doing modeling for last 5 years now.

3. Who motivated you to become a model?

Ans: Basically, I am from Kolkata, so I got the motivation and inspiration from many people and models like- Nayanika,
Indrani Dasgupta, Susmita Sen and may more… Everyone is do different that I tried to learn from all of them.
May be someone is unique but the other has some other unique quality. So, I admire many people for this reason.

4. What have you decided for you career? Modeling or acting?

Ans: I was a ramp model before and have done editorials. Then I shifted to Mumbai and got call for TV series and I did
that. It was new to me and I enjoyed doing that.

5. You worked with Manish Malhotra. So, how was your experience working with him?

Ans: Manish is a very nice and helpful person. We thought that he won’t be talking to us but we had a nice time with him.
He praised me a lot and he was the only one who complemented me that I am perfect in all aspects. It was lovely working
with him!

6. You are in MTV India’s Top Model and that too from Kolkata. So, what do you want to say about modeling life and carreer
in Kolkata?

Ans: I am from Bally (Howrah). I was a good students holding top ranks in my school days. As I was a student of Psychology
stream, so my parents thought that I will be going into teaching profession or something like that. I never thought of
leaving my studies but just gave a try to modeling without setting any particular goals. My parents have been very
supportive and they never judged me or restricted me. My father said me that it’s going to be tough but don’t give up
without trying. After working in Kolkata I got shifted to Mumbai and started working.Now my parentsare very heppy that I
am doing well!

Everything about Kolkata is nice. The people, the rituals, foods all are perfect! However, in Kolkata it’s really
uncomfortable to wear anything you like because you always need to worry about what people will think! But Mumbai is very
polite, you feel comfortable in Bomaby. In Mumbai, People don’t judge you by your dress.

7. What are your upcoming projects?

Ans: I am very much unpredictable and not a planned person. Even MTV India’s Top Model was also not a part of my plan but
suddenly it happened!

8. We have seen that Poulami Das and your style sequences are quite similar. What do you think about this?

Ans: It’s quite obvious that if we have a fight then I will be saying something about you and visa varsa. It was all okay
when the first fight took place between Poulami and me but she started dragging the fight. I did not give that much
importance to her in anyway! If you do wrong to anyone, you will get that back. Karma is there.

9. How was your experience to shoot with the tarantula?

Ans: It was for PCJ Jewellers. The jewelries are very light and easy to carry. We got gifts from PCJ Jewellers as well.

That shoot was really scary! We had to shoot with a tarantula and we were not allowed to throw it away because that might
have caused disqualification. We had to look very calm so that everything goes right with the pose. So, I tried to stay
calm and stopped heartbeat fo a while and posed with it; thankfully the shoot went fine!

10. Nowadays you are going through hectic schedules. Do you get time for your family and friends?

Ans: Yes that’s true! My family and friends are from Kolkata. Though I am busy these days but I give one day to my family
and one full day to my school friends. I am connected to my family and friends through social medias i.e. Facebook,
Whatsapp etc. I never keep myself detached.. I always know what’s happening with my family and friends in Kolkata.

11. Message for you fans?

Ans: The best part about MTV India’s Top Model is I got good fans and good friends from this place. I got a chance to meet
some nicest people through this show. In the show, I got a name “Graceful Sankiee” (Sankiee means passionate) from
Niraj Gaba and that was too precious for me!

12. Message for LaughaLaughi?

Ans: LaughaLaughi is doing an excellent job and going very good. It’s great to hear that besides managing media &
entertainment fields you people are also connected to social activities. I personally admire people or groups who are
connected to social activities because I also try to be a part of such initiatives.Thanks to you people because people
get to know about us through you guys. Thanks a lot!

Interviewer : Sreetama Thakur

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