Interview with Aparshakti Khurrana

  1. So you ( Aparshakti Khurrana ) seem to be a talent hub, RJ, Actor, Cricketer, Anchor, so don’t you feel you are an all-rounder?

Well! In a way, it’s a good thing but sometimes I feel that it’s better to be master of one rather than jack of all traits. 

  1. We hear you had taken a degree in law and you exhausted yourself working in the Delhi high court, do you think being a lawyer was boring you so you took the shift?

Everybody in this World is born to play a specific role. Maybe I wasn’t good enough as a lawyer hence, I didn’t enjoy it and then it is also about your inner calling. 

  1. Did you plan of being an actor since childhood?

NOT AT ALL. I neither wanted to be an RJ nor an Actor. I got inspired by my elder brother, Ayushmann. I always wanted to be a cricket anchor/host and thankfully my dream is fulfilled. God doesn’t do that to everyone. I feel so blessed. 

  1. You have been working in theatre and now on movies (on screen), so do u think there is a difference in the two? And if you are given a choice which would be your first priority?

While performing on the stage you have to express yourself in a loud way. I mean your projection. So, that the audience sitting in the last row should be able to hear you loud and clear. On the other hand, replicating the same on screen would be a blunder. I think one needs to be as subtle as possible on screen.

A moment captured. Courtesy : Google
  1. Sanjeev Sharma`s `Saat Uchakkey` has been one of your primary work in the industry. Tell us your experience of working for it?

He is Sanjeev Sharma and I totally love him. Your first project is like your first girlfriend, you will always remember the firsts. Moreover, he gave me the confidence to stand in front of the camera and perform. 

  1. Till date how has your journey been in the industry?

I have just started. The good part is that in the start of my career, I have been a part of a film which will go down in history. The other side of it is that the journey ahead gets tougher. Dangal has created a benchmark which might be difficult to cross but I am talking life as it comes. 

  1. Comparing your reel life and real life do you at times feel tired and exhausted with your busy schedules and do you feel homesick?

I don’t feel tired at all, not because my name APARSHAKTI but because I am enjoying every bit of it. I don’t feel homesick. In any case I travel with my wife mostly but I miss my Mumma, so I try to visit Chandigarh as much as possible. 

  1. Your debut as `Omkar` of Dangal is your greatest achievement this year so how was your experience of sharing screen space with Aamir Khan?

“AAMIR KHAN SIR” honestly speaking, that’s a different world. The main thing is that he is not a star in the head and that sorts things out automatically. 

Aparshakti Khurana. Courtesy : Google
  1. Who is better `Omkar` of reel life or `Aparshakti` of real life?

Hahaha that’s a nice one. I think Omkar is definitely better. Who can be so selfless in real life. It’s unheard of.

  1. There has been lots of fights in the movie so did you try your hands in wrestling?

I was also trained for about three weeks so as to get the body language right. In the film, I had to behave like I belong to the family of wrestlers, so I think some training was needed.

  1. ‘Omkar’ has been one of the most supporting brothers on screen, on usual basis we see brothers being dominating and rarely supporting their sisters on this extent, what do you have to say to all the brothers who are in a similar situation like Omkar?

I never had a real sister and I never felt the need. Just during DANGAL I realized that a brother-sister relationship is more fun than a brother-brother or a sister-sister one. I hope the brothers in real life get inspired and become so selfless. Though it’s kind of impossible in the era we are living in. 

  1. Whom would you thank the most for bringing out Omkar out of you so prominently?

Two People. Nitesh Tiwari (Director) and Mukesh Chabhra (Casting Director)

  1. We are quite familiar about your ‘bromance’ with Ayushman Khurana. Tell us five differences between you two?

First, I love chocolates, he hates them. Second, I try to multitask, he prefers one thing at a time. Third, he is not as inclined towards sports as I am. Fourth, his concentration power is amazing, I sometimes lose focus. Fifth, I am a loud Punjabi where as he is very subtle. 

  1. This would be cheeky, between you two brothers who has always been more popular among girls?

None of us. He was always busy with theatre and I was always busy with sports. 

  1. Did it ever happen that you both had differences of opinion but has it ever affected your bonding?

We are poles apart but I feel on creative front our opinions normally don’t clash. Most of the times we are on the same page, even if we are not it has never effected our bonding/relationship. 

  1. Do you at times feel jealous of your brother`s rapid growth of fame?

Hahahaha are you kidding me?? I can just feel proud. He is my elder brother and I touch his feet. Moreover, I feel his best is yet to come as he deserves a lot more keeping in mind his hard work and talent. 

  1. Do you owe your success to the lady love of your life (mention the name)?

Two Hundred Percent. I think I was equally good or bad before getting married but things moved in the right direction only after I got married to my Girlfriend Aakriti.

  1. Do you have some plans of coming down to Bengal?

Not anytime soon but I would love to. It has been on my list for a while now. Let me plan something real soon. 

  1. Your message for LaughaLaughi?

Keep Up the Good Work!

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