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Interview Session with ‘Funnyman’ Vicky

Vicky Nandy is a well-known name in the entertainment industry and can be termed as a complete entertainer. He is an actor, comedian, anchor and a dancer too and has won Mirakkel Akkel Challenger 6 alongwith his fellow participant Partha. He has also successfully hosted Dance Bangla Dance 8. Here is what he has to say :

  • What motivated you to be a stand-up comedian?
    I came to the industry to become an actor. Comedy was not the aim. Mirakkel served as the platform where I decided to experiment and try my luck in comedy.
  • Is it difficult to survive in this industry?
    If you know what you are doing you will not think about ‘surviving’ in the industry. We are learning every day and updating ourselves. You have to always keep yourself updated and be confident and positive at the same time.
  • How did you feel going up on Mirakkel’s stage for the first time?
    Well, I have a backstage phobia. Everybody on the Mirakkel set knew that. I have a vomiting tendency so I avoid eating anything before I go up on stage. Initially, people got worried seeing me but later they got used to it too.
  • What are the difficulties that you faced?
    Everybody needs to struggle more or less. Personally, I don’t like speaking about my struggles because I feel that the person sitting opposite to me might have struggled more than I did. I had my fair share of struggle being a backup dancer in award shows and did part-time jobs to fend for myself. I went to auditions but got rejected everytime. I got the chance to be an Assistant Choreographer and it was around that time when we (along with Partha) got called for Mirakkel. We were doubtful as it was not a steady career for us because we might get eliminated any moment. Mirakkel was sort of a gamble for us which clicked!

    Vicky with MG Mithun Chakraborty during Dance Bangla Dance Season 8

  • Tell us about your associations with theater..
    I am currently involved with Sukchar group which is based in Sodepur. I am also a part of Debesh Chattopadhyay’s group and Sourav Palodhi’s Iccheymoto.
  • What are your upcoming projects?
    There are few mega-serials and plays lined up. A play, ‘Tughlaq’, led by Rajatabha Dutta is in the pipeline. Moreover, I am sometimes called as a guest performer in shows like ‘Didi No. 1’ and I am co-anchoring ‘Zee Utsab’, both aired in Zee Bangla.
  • Apart from acting, what else are you interested in?
    I am very passionate about dance which I would like to continue practicing. Other than that, I like singing and I sing for myself and when demanded by script. This is the reason why I want to brush up my music skills. I have an institute of my own, Frame In, where I guide students on anchoring and stand-up comedy and there are others who teach dancing, modelling etc. You might be able to do mimicry or stand-up comedy but you need to know the tricks which we learnt from the mentors in Mirakkel. I want to make things easy for people like me who are interested but need guidance and inspiration.
  • Any message for future stand-up comedians and your fans?
    Try to do something new always. Be inspired but don’t copy anyone as you might lose your originality. It is tough to prepare comedy scripts. If you all listen carefully and appreciate, it will be our best appraisal. We thank our viewers for their support for whom we have reached the position we are in right now.

Contact details for Frame In ~
 9748106670 , 9143301924

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