Interview with Rajashree Singha

1. You (Rajashree Singha) are a part of India’s next top model and you were till top six what have you learnt from the show?

Learnt how to stay patient to adjust and be compatible with the surrounding staying with your competitors in not an easy job you know!

2. Which projects are you working for presently?

I was working before I was casted in the show, currently I have walked for Lakme fashion week you can also see me working for Lookbook, Ritu Kumar.

Rajashree Singha

3. Who has motivated you always in your life?

My mom has been the ultimate strength of my life she has been with me whenever I needed her I can term her to the soul support system of my life.

4. Everyone has a tough time in their life; tell us about your tough times?

I won’t say life has been totally smooth, everyone at some point of time goes through difficulties and the same happened with me too. From my childhood as my father stayed away for work and it were my mom and me only so I have been always trained to be self-sufficient to face things all alone and that actually made me strong.

5. Modeling is not everyone’s cup of tea! So why did you choose it? How was your work life rough and rugged or easy?

Basically, this has been my childhood dream you know I was very enthusiastic about posing in front of camera, I started when I was just 17 but my parents were of view that first I need to finish my graduation and then pursue with it. So, I completed my grads and started my modeling career on a full fledged basis.

There have been pretty bit difficulties most of the time I’m selected when there is need for oriental features or foreign features it does hurts me at times because even though I’m an Indian I often feel like I don’t look like an Indian so at times I don’t get through all sorts of projects though I’m an Indian in and out.

Rajashree Singha

6. Don’t you think that the modeling industry is imbibed with diplomacy and partiality?

I won’t say there are partialities as such at least from my perspective i can say so but it all depends on your hard work and your input.

7. There have been plenty of situations when people from the north east are called ‘chinky’ or ‘Nepalese’, ‘Chinese’ etc. What do you have to say about it? Do you think people from the north east are ignored and dominated in big cities?

The Indian constitution has laws where one can actually launch an fir against the person who defames the national identity of an Indian in such a manner I think none should to hesitate to take this step irrespective of any parameters and when I was kid I may have probably have such experiences but I never paid attention to it i give a dam to what shit people say because one has to move on.

I don’t think this actually happens these are just rumors which keeps spreading because things are quite normal, I have been raised up in Mumbai everyone is cool it is just the way how you put in how take it and how you are taking peoples responses.

8. What are your future plans? Where do you see yourself after five years?

I’m presently working with an international agency called TFM they are placed in various counties abroad and I am doing my best to reach my goals.
Hopefully want to see myself walking for Milan fashion week as well as for the greatest designers of the world.

Rajashree Singha

9. We are curious to know if you have a special person in your life.

Are you kidding (giggles) I’m single and I’m more focused about my career I don’t want to get distracted in any way I don’t have time for myself how will I date someone!

10. What are views about feminism?

Being a sociology student I’m completely up for it, I think feminism is not just about supporting women it is also about what is happening in their life it’s not that men are wrong it’s not that women are always right neither it I feminism speaks against men one should have a correct sense of it.

11. If you get a chance in movie will you try yourself there?

I can definitely give it a try if it is for Shah Rukh or Salman I can’t do two things at a time so right now focused with modeling.

12. A message for LaughaLaughi.

You all are doing good, chase your dreams but whatever you choose should be your decision you should not be swayed by anyone’s words or verdict.


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