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Interview with Poulomi Das

1. What attracted Poulomi Das towards modelling?

I never wanted to become a model you see, since my childhood days I was actually a tomboyish girl you know I hated makeup and I was pursuing my education alongside doing a job as a marketing manager I then shifted to work as an assistant director, it was my boss who suggested me to do shoots, my initial works have been with my friend Kushal Chatterjee and that was the time I realized I can dedicate myself to modelling which was the transformation of a simple girl to the girl you know today.

2. How has your journey been to this industry?

Poulami Das
Courtesy : Facebook

My family was initially not at all supportive because I was always a hard working student, their main question was since i could smoothly carry on my education the shift to modelling was definitely not a right choice of mine. I admit I had to go through lots of hardships to be what I am today if I look back at myself a year or two ago as a newcomer I neither got good work nor proper payments! Before I had steeped into this industry I had a different lifestyle of myself which changed almost as I entered the industry. My parents were doubtful my choice however I never lost my patience and focus I always maintained myself and followed the international models, read their blogs and interviews which actually inspired me to dream big and chase them.

3. Who is your role model?

Priyanka Chopra as an actor and Cara Delevingne always.

4. So now what is your family’s view about your profession Poulomi?

They are actually more excited than me always (laughs) every day my mom wakes me up at 7.15 in the morning and it happens sometimes that I don’t want to go for the shoots my mom would just freak out saying, “you just can’t do this, get up and go for your shoot!”

5. Presently you are working for ‘ Suhani Si Ek Ladki’, so is it just serial acting or its just glamour from outside ?

See its very hard work lots of pressure and hard toil but definitely at the end of the day loads of satisfaction of doing good work., basically a combination of ‘ tok ,jhal, misty’.

6. What are your future plans Poulomi? Do you want to explore your creativity by acting or by modelling?

Both I would say if you are a good actor you can get to work with any good brand , so I focus on acting presently, there is a famous saying ‘ kan tanlei matha ashe ‘ (chuckles).

7. What is your view about the scenario of modelling industry of Kolkata?

Poulami Das
Courtesy : Facebook

I would love to say that this, there are lots of talent in Kolkata being a Calcuttan myself I won’t boast but I insist everyone to believe that Kolkata is a hub of talents be it modeling or anything else Kolkata shows diversity along with variety and whatever I am today it’s because industry there that made me into what I am today but somewhere we lack scope and amenities we have the best designers and models but after a certain amount of time they shift to Mumbai because of lack of proper opportunities but what we need is to develop opportunities so that people don’t need to think of shifting to Mumbai. Payments should be liberal and alongside punctuality and professionalism are two most important factors that are also required.

8. Do you think modelling is all about zero size or it is for the plus size as well?

There are plus size models as well in the industry and they are extremely pretty I must say,  just be happy with what you have maintain yourself well and love yourself.

9.  A message for LaughaLaughi?

‘ LaughaLaughi ‘ when i came across the name I was quite curious what it actually meant I thought it may be jumping joy or ‘ hasha hashi ‘, I think you guys are doing an excellent job because you are reaching our stories to the mass and making it easier for people to know about us our struggles because whatever I am today is not an achievement of a day rather of long struggles.

Nothing comes easily and the credit goes to you guys for making our stories inspiration for the enemas. Thanks for this support!

Reported by : Sreetama Thakur
Edited by : Soumi Sen

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