Interview of Nakash Aziz

1. You come from a musical family background where singing was a regular thing. Therefore, when you started singing initially, was it just following the family trend or you actually wanted to be a singer right from the beginning?

Ans) Well, I think it was more of following the family trend because I never really thought that it was some special skill set. I thought everybody sings because everybody in my family sings. Therefore , whenever someone used to ask me to sing, I would just do it.

2. What will you consider your first break in the industry?

Ans) I do not really know which was my first break because I got to meet A.R. Rahman through a television show that I was doing and also Pritam through a friend, Antara Mitra. They listened to me for quite some time and I was already working with them. Therefore, I think, whatever little I did, I slowly and steadily I progressed towards film songs. There is no such break but the song, Saree ke Fall Sa got me some kind of recognition publicly. I really cannot pin point any particular song as such.

3. Yeah ! Every song is like a baby.

Ans) Exactly. It is not like a baby but when you go for an interview and after going through it, if you crack it, that is a break for you. So, Saree Ke Fall Sa was a break for me.

4. You have mostly sung fun songs whether its Saree k Fall Sa or Jabra fan ! Is it because these songs were offered to you or do you prefer to specifically sing these types of songs?

Ans) I was basically tried on these songs as a singer. Fortunately , for the song and the singer, it worked for everyone. Once it works , you do not really sit down and analyse it. If it doesn’t work, then you sit down and think about it.

Nakash Aziz

5. Nowadays apart from the 100cr clubs in the industry, there are also the chartbusters. Do you feel that pressure or does it anyway affect you?

Ans) No! Not really. I feel the pressure just once before I go into the recording studio and before starting the song. That’s when I feel the real pressure because my first audience is the music director. My duty is to understand what the music director is trying to communicate through the song and I feel that I am a sort of a medium between the music director and the audience. I am like a bridge because if I perform the song well, it will translate in a much better way to the audience who is listening. And about the 100 million clubs, I have seen songs cross 2 billion views. So we are a long way to go.

6. You sing in Bengali movies as well! What is the difference between Bollywood music directors and Bengali music directors according to you or are there any differences?

Ans) Everybody is different in their own personality, I think. Whatever songs I have sung, they are all commercial songs like they were meant to be commercially successful and we managed to achieve that every time we did it. I guess I am just lucky. The difference between every composer I have come across is that their personality is different. They are unique in their own ways like their finger print. But the similarity is that we all try to make commercial songs.

7. How do you manage the creative difference between a music director’s and your opinion about the way the song is to be sung?

Ans) When it comes to a music director, if I can’t relate to what they are saying, I will probably probe them further to understand what they are saying or trying to say because at the end of the day, they are the ones directing you. I am also willing to incorporate. It’s a team work and we are all working towards making one song beautiful. I think they have every right to say what they are trying to say because they are saying something that I couldn’t have thought of and sometimes it works the other way round. It works in all possible ways.

Nakash Aziz

8. Who is your favorite singer?

Ans) I think Arijit Singh because he is one of the finest singers we have in the country right now. Among the seniors, Udit Narayan. He is a great person and I think it reflects in his voice. I wish I can be even 10% of how he sounds.
9. Lyrics or tune- which lasts longer according to you?

Ans) For me it’s a song. If you want lyrics, you can listen to shayari and if u want to hear tunes, you can hear all the background music around the world. There is no particular thing to be mentioned here. It all depends on the soul of it. It could be anything.

10. Tell us about your experience working with A.R Rahman in his multiple projects?

Ans) My experience was very bad . It was pathetic working with A.R. Rehman because he is a very bad person. I really don’t… (laughs loudly)

11. I think I got my answer to that.

Ans) I am glad. (Continues laughing) I don’t even know why people ask me this question every time.

12. Any advice to the struggling singer out there to break through in the industry?

Ans) Music is bigger than just Bollywood or Hollywood. It’s goal is to reach out to every music lover and I think everybody is a music lover. The goal should be to make some really good music. Just don’t take anybody’s advice I think. (Chuckles) Just do great music.

13. Do you think the rap these days are very overrated and inserting a rap in between songs is totally barring its mood?

Ans) Trends are something that come and go. I am more of a denim and shirt kind of guy. I know that will never go out of fashion. A great story, a great melody will never go out of fashion. It doesn’t matter if you put Hindi, Malayalam Gujarati or anything.

14. Message for LaughaLaughi.

Ans) Thank you. It was a pleasure.

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