From modelling to Ekta Kapoor’s show, Mishmee Das decodes her journey

• Ma’am first of all welcome back to Kolkata.
Mishmee ~ Yes, Thank you so much.

• Few days back you have wrapped up from Silsila. How much you are missing the team?
Mishmee ~ Actually I didn’t wrap up from Silsila I had to quit the show in between due to some family issues and I had to fly down to Kolkata. Ya I really miss the team a lot, the entire cast and crew were all lovey people and I miss them a lot.

• Your first Hindi project ‘Dayan’ was with Ekta Kapoor. How Dayan happened to you?
Mishmee ~ Long time ago I met Ekta Kapoor through some common friends, then things worked out and Balaji called me for an audition. Then I was in Kolkata itself and they asked me to send an audition over phone. I did without thinking much and not even hoped that it would work but it did and Dayan happened to me.

• You have worked in two consecutive Hindi serials. How much your life changed after this?
Mishmee ~ Hindi television industry is much bigger than the Bengali one. Though Kolkata is my first love and I started my career here, after working in such a big industry of Bombay it was a bit difficult to adjust certain things here and get used to again. Apart from that, now more audience recognize me. Earlier only Bengali people used to know me but now not just in Kolkata or Bombay, I get messages from people all around the country even from Indonesia. So that’s really cool.

• Coming from Bengal, have you ever faced any struggle in coping up with Hindi television industry?
Mishmee ~ Well, my only struggle in Hindi television industry has been the language. Not that I couldn’t speak Hindi but you know, we Bengalis have funny Bengali accent when we speak Hindi and I also had it. Moreover I had to really work hard on the grammar of the language. That was the only struggle I had. Apart from that everyone was so nice and welcoming that I never felt like I left home.

• At present you are working in ‘Seemana Periye’. What made you comeback to Kolkata leaving behind the city of dreams?
Mishmee ~ I never planned to work in ‘Seemana Periye’. And as I told you I had to quit Silsila and come back home. One day I randomly called Bharat kaul (who has been my guide since day one and we have done a lot of works together) and told him that I’m coming back. He said, “oh great! we have this new character and you’re doing it”. I really like the premise when he told me and I thought of giving it a shot.

• Have you ever thought of residing permanently in Mumbai?
Mishmee ~ I was residing permanently in Bombay but unfortunately had to come back. I still tell people that I live in Bombay and I’m here for a few months. I do plan to go back as soon as I’m done with ‘Seemana Periye’ and things are alright at my house.

• Tell us about your character in ‘Seemana Periye’. Is kumkum different from the roles you’ve played so far?
Mishmee ~ Characters in television are either white or black, there’s nothing grey. The journey of Kumkum was a bit different, she is liberal, outspoken, she trusted her childhood friend blindly but on the day of wedding he betrayed her and married Parda, the female protagonist who also betrayed her. This made her turn negative. Actually she is a victim of circumstances.

• Negative role or a positive one – which is more appealing to you?
Mishmee ~ See, every character has it’s own shade. I’ve played three lead roles which are very different from the typical ones. But I think when you’re in the negative character, you’ve a lot to do, there’s lot of acting scope. So I enjoy playing the negative roles.

• Where you see yourself in next 5years?
Mishmee ~ I have always been very futuristic but over the years I realized that nothing goes par according to plan. So I have become a ‘live the moment’ sort of a person. I have a thing for film making, so I don’t know if it is after 5 years or 10 years but someday I want to become a film maker and make a film of my own.

• From a model to an actress in Ekta Kapoor’s show- was the journey smooth for you?
Mishmee ~ When I look back, I actually realise that the journey has been quite smooth and God has been kind to me. But yes I had my struggles too. I never had to struggle to get a role or even to get into modeling, everything was given to me as a platter. But making myself deserving for that was a struggle. I’m still struggling everyday to become a better actor, a better human being.

• What’s your next project?
Mishmee ~ I shot for a movie two years ago but the release was postponed and I am still looking forward to it. The film titled ‘Buro Shadhu’ which also starred Ritwik chakraborti and Isha Saha. I did an episodic thing for Hoichoi series with Sourav Das. And talks are going on and I have connections in Bombay also so finger crossed, I hope everything works out.


• Any message for team LaughaLaughi?
Mishmee ~ Thank you team LaughaLaughi for this interview. After I came back, I haven’t given a brief interview and lot of people are thinking ‘why she’s back’. Now I think people will get the right message. So thank you very much.

By Payal Roy


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