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Chitchat with Ayesha Bhattacharya

  • Wish you a belated happy holi ma’am.

Ayesha – Good morning and same to you.

  • So ma’am you have been working in Tollywood since 17 years, so how did you enter this industry?

Ayesha- Basically it was my mother’s dream to enter in this industry but due to some circumstances or lack of opportunities as you know people back then did not take women as an actress in good terms which eventually did not lead her to the way of acting. But one day in our locality there was a theatre (natok) held and I was performing there. I was in the second standard  then and luckily there was a man who belonged from our industry. He noticed my acting skills and was quite impressed and he came up to my mother and said they had been looking for a child artist and whether she was interested. My mother as usual wasn’t pretty much ready at first but then she eventually agreed to his offer.

  • So basically you entered this industry as a child artist?

Ayesha- Yes, my first work was as a child artist in a TV series named “Byomkesh Bakshi” which used to telecast in Tara Bangla channel.

  • Did you face any difficulties at first when you joined in this industry?

Ayesha- Definitely. People out there always had a misconception that things in acting industry is kind of not that good. My father only at first did not accept the fact of me getting into the acting profession. Even the people of my locality and my friends did not talk to me properly. I’ve even faced such kind of a situation where during the Durga Puja I went to talk to them but they clearly ignored me.

  • So how did you overcome those situations?

Ayesha- After all those things, when my journey in this industry finally started to flourish and became smooth, situations automatically changed and yes everything became alright.

  • ‘Acting or Dancing’ which one do you prefer the most?

Ayesha- Uhh!! Very tough question for me (laughs). Actually dance is my life but acting is my passion.

  • Ma’am we have seen that you upload a lot of your dance videos in your YouTube channel and you have 3k subscribers.

Ayesha- (laughs) Yes!!

  • So how do you feel about it?

Ayesha- Actually opening a YouTube channel was never my target. One day few of my friends suggested me that I should open my own YouTube channel and upload my dance videos there and not only in Facebook as I dance so well. So I thought okay let’s take a chance and my friends helped me in shooting and editing the videos. And to my sheer surprise, my first video gave me more than 300 subscribers.

  • So the love you got must have made you feel very happy?

Ayesha- Yes definitely!

  • Ma’am you were awarded the “Best Expression Award” by Rishi Aurobindo Institute. What was your reaction then?

Ayesha- That was really unexpected because I was then in class 4 or 5 and I was the youngest participant there. When my mother got a call from them that I’ll be given a scholarship for best expressions, that was definitely a great achievement for me but I was too young then to understand the value of the award but now I realize that how much honour it was (laughs).


  • You are so beautiful, so what’s the secret behind your such beautiful expressions?

Ayesha- I think the credit totally goes to my mother. She herself has such a beautiful expressive face so, she is actually my teacher.

  • We’ve heard from some sources that you are interested in acting in South Indian and dance movies. So madam why so? Why not Bollywood or Tollywood movies?

Ayesha- Yes. I do have interest, it’s just I’m waiting for the correct opportunity. It’s not that I did not get any opportunity but I was young back then and also I was continuing with my studies so the pressure was there upon me that is why I had to reject many of the movie proposals.

  • So you got movie opportunities from Bollywood or Tollywood movies?

Ayesha- Tollywood movies! I did few roles in Tollywood movies when I was a child but after growing up I did get opportunities but anyhow I couldn’t make up to my opportunities. So right now I’m looking for some good offers. Who doesn’t want to work in movies!

  • Of course! So you’ve an upcoming project in a Bhojpuri movie where you can be seen doing an item number.

Ayesha- Yes!

  • What was your reaction when you got to know about it?

Ayesha- I was really excited because it was my first break but then I refused to their offer because item dance requires us to wear various types of outfit. I do wear western outfits but not too bold. So I refused the director as I would not be so comfortable wearing much bold costumes. But then there was the choreographer of the song who helped me a lot in this matter and he took all the responsibility so that I wouldn’t face any trouble regarding the outfit and yes finally I agreed!

The shoot finally began and the director, the choreographer and the whole unit was eventually very happy.

  • And how much happy were you?

Ayesha- Even I was very much happy because dance is my passion, my love, my everything and I got a break through it (laughs again).

  • Okay so ma’am to be honest I’m a huge fan of yours.

Ayesha- (laughs) That’s my pleasure.

  • So ma’am whose fan are you?

Ayesha- There are a lot of actors but on the top list it’s always Hrithik Roshan from the very beginning. Even I’ve heard this that when I was a kid and I did not want to eat, my mother used to tell me about Hrithik Roshan and then made me eat. Just imagine how much his crazy fan I am that even now when I see him onscreen I tell my parents look that’s your son-in-law (laughs) and continues….

I have more than 100 posters of Hrithik in my house. Whenever and wherever I get a chance I collect his pictures.

  • So ma’am would you love to share a screen with him?

Ayesha- (excitedly) Yes definitely! Why not! (laughing)

  • Okay ma’am thank you so much for giving us your precious time from your busy schedule.

Ayesha- Thank you.

  • Would you like to say something about LaughaLaughi?

Ayesha- I really felt good talking with you and the most important thing is the questions were really unique or else I was bored of being asked the same questions again and again. And yes I would like to give my love and regards to the team of LaughaLaughi.

  • Okay ma’am thank you so much and wish you a successful life ahead. Have a good day!

Ayesha- Yes thank you so much and same to you.

by Ankita Guha Roy


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