“Chena Chini” with Trina Saha!

First of all, I would like to congratulate you and give you best wishes for your upcoming movie, “Thai Curry”.

Trina – Thank You so much for the best wishes that you gave me for Thai Curry.


  • How was you experience working with the team of “Thai Curry”?

Trina – It was an amazing experience because with such a bunch of talent where everyone is super talented and it was a learning process for me and I also made some new friends. It was my first work and the lesson I got from each and every co-star was fabulous.


  • Your started your acting career from TV show, “Khokababu” and now your first upcoming debut movie is “Thai Curry”. How was your journey so far?

Trina – Till now it has been a learning experience and I am quite contented with the growth but not exactly satisfied as I am waiting for more and growing

with the love of my family and my friends and even looking forward to the criticism as it helps me to be a better actor in future.


  • What are the struggles you had to overcome before coming into the industry?

Trina – Honestly, there was no struggle at all because I was not at all a person who was looking into acting as I was always into my studies. It happened very suddenly and then I fell in love with my profession and after entering into it the struggles came as I did not know the “A” of acting.


  • As you said you did not know the “A” of acting but what was your feeling when you received the “Star Jalsha Parivaar Award” for the best actress?

Trina – I won the best actress award for both the consecutive years and it was dedicated to the audience. I never expected of competing with such actresses as I knew all of them and their fan following so, at first I was shocked but later realized that it was a blessing for me by my friends, my family and my fans.


  • When you were a child, what was your aim?

Trina – As a child, I always wanted to be a teacher because the respect and the dominance they get from their students is really very special. I used to

write on the walls of my room considering them as the blackboard and my self pretending to be the teacher. (chuckles)


  • How is “Tori” and “Trina” different from each other?

Trina – Not much different. “Tori” is connected too much to the audience because I could connect to Tori very well as I feel that every girl has a part of Tori inside her such as the possessiveness, emotions, love and concern for the family like me so there isn’t any difference.


  • What are your hobbies ?

Trina – Watching films. I also like to listen songs and read books like love stories, thriller, horror stories and also I love to sleep.



  • Every one loves your smile that makes you look so pretty. What is the secret behind this smile?

Trina – All you need is to be happy and peace minded with yourself and mentally, be happy with what you have. There is no such secret. (laughs)


  • Would you like to make a bollywood movie? If yes, then with whom it would be?

Trina – Yes, it is the dream of any actor and if you ask with whom then I would say that it would be my dream man “Shahrukh Khan”.


  • Thank you for giving your precious time to us. Would you like to say some words for LaughaLaughi?

Trina – An amazing platform to connect, friendly, warm and very genuine.


By Anurag Gupta.

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