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Shout out WTF!

Are you hungry? Wanna give your taste buds a treat? But running short of money? Well, then it’s your time to shout ‘WTF!’ No, don’t take it otherwise. “WTF! Where’s the food” is a food outlet located in Southern Avenue very close to Lake Mall, which serves some tantalising Chinese dishes at a very pocket friendly price.

A buzzing hub for the teenagers, ‘WTF!’ cafe opened its first outlet in Salt Lake. Due to its humongous popularity the cafe now came up with their second outlet in Southern Avenue. With a continuous rush of foodies to the cafe, it remains occupied throughout the day and in holidays a pre table booking should be done to cut short the waiting time.


The cafe is comparatively smaller and doesn’t accommodate a lot of people together. But within that shorter space, the decoration is eye catching. It has kept the decor simple yet classy along with a pleasant ambience. The place is decked with hanging lights giving a touch of nostalgia. The interior chamber has walls of lash greenery which is very eye soothing and provides a perfect background for clicking some amazing selfies.


The place is best known for serving good quality Chinese dishes. The menu offers a wide range of dishes to choose from. The best part is that they offer a separate section of dishes and combos at just Rs 149. The quantity is enough for two and the quality is really appreciable.

Recommended dishes:

•Drums of Hell is one of their most recommended dishes which is very spicy and fiery.

•Chicken Taipei gives a good start to the meal.

•Parsley Prawn served with a bed of onions and capsicum is a delight to the fish lovers.

•Fried rice is recommended over noodles, the burnt garlic fried rice being a must try.

•Every side dishes are tantalising but if you are a chicken lover then you must try their honey and sesame chicken.

Other than these, the regular Chinese dishes are also available here which doesn’t differ a lot in taste from other food joints.


They serve the meal really quick unlike other cafes. The staffs are well behaved. But they don’t serve normal water so you have to pay separately for the mineral water.

Over and all, it is light on pocket and tight on tummy. So to escape from the regular stressed life and to treat your taste buds you can shout WTF! Where’s the Food!

By Payal Roy

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