How emotional infection can be avoided?

We all know when season changes we fall sick except strong immunity people. Most of the people are not aware about mass hysteria. Generally, when you stay with infected people, you tend to catch their emotional infection and the same happens when you are surrounded with sad or depressed people all the time. This emotional infection is enough to deplete you. You tends to think or feel like them only.  According to Bartholomew, people can start having real symptoms, just from stories they hear and sometimes there is no real explanation for why mass hysteria happens; it just happens.

We fear of losing people in our life. A kind of unknown fear collapse us and make us dull. Even, we fear of not getting accepted to our closed ones. I must say, spend time with yourself. After every hour, sit back, talk to yourself. rewind what has happened in this 60 minutes.Treat your mind as if someone is sitting in front of u and have a conversation. This life is a journey of acquiring. So there is no way of giving up. Its all in the mind and on the other hand, its all about getting infected from emotional infection. Always tell your mind that your Destiny is perfect. Create the right karma to get a perfect destiny

Love yourself for what you are. Fears are mostly in your thoughts not in your life. Nurture your relationship with yourself. Spend “me time“ let go of the old me. With each out breathe release the old stuck memories, experiences that you have humiliated these years.

See everyone through your lens of acceptance. Each one has the right intentions, emotions, feelings, behaviors. let’s not create no image in your mind about anyone. Try to release all the mental images in how you want them to be. Speak perfect words towards everyone. Each one is perfect. Always remember, perfection is a continuous work in progress.

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