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Prenatal massage

Massage therapy while carrying a baby, is an amazing complementary choice which every parent should opt for. It is a marvelous way of preparing a would-be mother for her child’s birth and also helping her to feel cozy with the ever changing body and hormones during this phase.


Benefits of prenatal massage:

While it is true that some women’s pregnancy glow is enough to light up a whole room, but for the others weight gain and wardrobe shrink can be disastrous. Here are some tips to escape from the tired, aching muscles, a feeling of nausea all along which few women suffer during pregnancy. It is time now to spend some cash on self love and find a way back to feeling comfortably human again.

  • Prenatal massage lessens the pain in the mother’s hands, legs and ankles and also eases the usual muscular discomfort in various body parts like calf cramps, low back and neck, and helps with the stress and strain the body muscles are facing.
  • Increases flexibility as it tones the stressed muscles and relaxes them, which also decreases insomnia.
  • Most of the reviews one can come across states that during pregnancy, prenatal massage helps to increase blood lymph circulation and oxygen levels in blood throughout the expecting mother’s body, thus decreasing fatigue by delivering more nutrients and oxygen to both mother and baby.
  • This technique strengthens pregnant lady’s immune system and releases endorphins in the blood which decreases sensation towards pain.
  • Uplifts the mood of the mother as it helps to decrease anxiety and depression.
  • It controls blood pressure and develops a nurturing bond between mother and the kid in her womb.
  • The massage eases and calms down stressed mothers at the moment of childbirth. There are many more benefits one can feel during the time of therapy.

When is the right time to get set, and go?

This massage is not usually recommended before the first trimester. Recommendations to the most enquired question in different reviews is that, when should an expecting lady start taking the traditional massage, states that it should be experienced during or sometimes after the second trimester. One session per week in the second trimester and two sessions per week for the third trimester should give wonderful results.

pregnant woman belly with flower in blue water
pregnant woman belly with flower in blue water

Is there any chance of a problem?

No. It should be noted that there is no chance of any harm to the baby or unpleasant result if the expecting mother follows her instructor properly.

While everyone is busy with various beauty treatment and other things, prenatal massage is a marvelous way to show love and care to the mother and her child. Appointments can be done even online by visiting websites of different spas available and book a slot on a desired day.

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