Monsoon is one of my most favourite season. It brings rain drops and the smell of Earth.

But as much as I love Monsoon, it brings tons of health problems with it. Specially the wet atmosphere works as the ideal food for germs to grow.

But don’t worry.. I have brought some amazing tips and tricks that will save your health and skin this monsoon.

1. Wear breezy clothes and satin fabrics. Although, we love to do those bollywood moments in the rain, we must pay attention to the post care.
Cotton retains the water much longer than satin. So wear satin or silk this monsoon.

2. Carry a polythene always. Your mobile and other electronic stuffs needs protection from water so put them in polythene and save them up.

3. Take a bath immediately after coming from the rain. Since rain contains acid these days (yes! caused from pollutants present in the air), you must wash yourself properly.

4. You can store the rain water. Store it in a jug then sieve it properly so there are no impurities in it.
You can use this water to boil the regular rice. The rain water will make your rice appear whiter and better in quality and taste.

5. Monsoon brings dampness in the house. So make sure to keep your house dry and also you can use room freshener to freshen up your room. Say Good-bye to bad smell.

Bring an umbrella wherever you go so that you can protect yourself from getting wet in the rain. Also keep yourself clean and dry so that you are healthy and not infected in this rainy season.

Monsoon is the season of rain. You can enjoy every drop of water freely if you follow these tips.
So keep loving monsoon!
Keep feeling the rain.

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