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Hollow, the emptiness that you are bearing!

Hollow, the emptiness that you are bearing every moment.

Have you ever felt some sort of out of space while hanging out with your friends or family? Or think about those times, when your mind is constantly wandering in trivial matters? Well, its called the hollow or the emptiness. In psychology it is treated as a psychological problem.

According to psychologists, a person can feel alone or hollow at any time. It is a clinical problem thus say. When we expect something extraordinary from ourselves or when our high expectations do not match with the reality, we kind of feel the hollow around us; decreases our self-esteem ultimately leads to the depression.

Many psychologists have suggested that depression is interlinked with the feeling of hollow. It is generally diagonsed as the early stage of depression. Little bit of such feeling is normal for everyone but if one consistently suffers from this for a long period of time then they need psychological help.

To understand if the degree is threatening or not, one must observe herself with utmost care and patience. Here are few tips and tricks which you can try to determine the degree of the hollow feeling. These tips mainly focuses on the curing so that if you survive those feelings, it means the degree was definitely not so threatening. Similarly if it doesn’t get cured, then you need serious psychological counselling or diagnosis.

Hollow feeling attacks to the core which alienate you from your friends and family. So remember to spend time with your close ones which will make you feel more connected to them. Secondly you should invest in works that you used to love. Like any passion or hobby that you feel no longer attached with, you can try them and slowly interest will arise. Lastly surround yourself with positivity, positive people, quotations. Start your day with a positive quotation, write it on your diary, make it your profile picture, look at it through out the day.

After trying these methods, if you feel that you are not improving then consult a professional doctor for assistance.

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