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The Road Not Taken

You held out your hand to me and gazed up in search of any hint of flavour on my face. My head asked me to comply, but my heart wanted something else. My heart wanted to be free of all the shackles, all the expectations, all the hurt, all the guilt. The conflict of choosing a path had always left me a myriad of questions.

Admittedly, the resplendent path of walking with someone seemed alluring. But, the mysterious path of walking alone seemed to draw me in with a certain uninterpretable drive.

I looked up to find your face vehemently seeking something in me. I averted my gaze and stared at the dark lonely mysterious path that was inching dangerously close to me. I desperately tried reasoning with my choices but failed somehow.

Somewhere, someplace else maybe. Maybe we can be together in some other dimension, falling in love again and this time holding onto each other loyally, until we encounter death. Maybe in a parallel universe we can discover how life with each other could be.

So, I take the road less travelled, the road not taken. Instead of taking your hand and joining you in the quest for love, I start my journey to find peace.

Someday, somewhere, someplace else maybe. Maybe we will meet again, maybe you’ll find me somehow. But I won’t notice you even if I see you. For this journey is mine, mine alone.


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