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Hrithik did his best : Super 30 review

Hrithik Roshan is back. Super 30 was released last Friday in the movie theaters. This film is directed by Vikash Bahl. Music director Ajay- atul. Story-writer Sanjeev Dutta.

The film is based on a life journey of a brilliant mathematician Anand Kumar from Patna. The movie is quite interesting to watch.

Mr Anand Kumar was a great student and got admission into the Cambridge university. But due to lack of economical resources, he couldn’t fulfill his dream to study abroad. After his father’s death, he had to sell papad to make his ends meet.

From here, A local coaching institute hired him as he is outstanding in mathematics. Life took a turn, but that money making didn’t seem to be worthy, and he decided to give free coaching to the underprivileged children who aspired to crack the India’s toughest exam IIT-JEE.

He selected 30 students, trained them, guided them to their paths. Well,this is the basic storyline.

But there are some odd situations which will make you uncomfortable to believe as if it’s true or not. Another thing is that Anand Kumar is just a regular sized guy, so it may seem to someone that hrithik may not be suitable for this role.

I just want to say here, that, Hrithik gave his 100 percent, and quite spectacular he kind of do fit in this role. Yes, bollywood’s daily formula to make up with oil and black paint had not that great to do so, just kidding. But, seriously they need to stop this. Hrithik fake accent cannot be disguised, but he had tried his level best.

Perhaps the background score can be more soft in the sense, as real situations deserve. All the time , the God like drumming is not that great.

Another actors like Aditya Srivastava, Krunal Thakur, Pankaj Tripathi did their great work. No complaints. Amit Sadh in his guest appearance did pretty well too.

Rather than a few situations , it is a great film. Some tragic scenes will really make your heart cry a bit. So it’s worth a shot.

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