Love? Or Ruin?

Wrong things happen in love when we trust wrong people…
And I did it..
It was you who loved me,
It was you who held me, inspired me,
But it was you who killed me, destroyed my heart.
And I thought you were different, I trusted you!
When you were wrong.

I was happy with your happiness,
I was ready to do all things to make you happy,
Your wishes was my prayer.
When I was wrong.

You did not need a second to hurt me.
I questioned myself over and over, why?
Why I loved someone who never understood my feelings?
Every single day you came and said “sorry”,
Your innocent face keeps me hypnotized.

And I believed you.

When I was wrong.

You destroyed my heart, poked it with a sharp dart.
Day by day, your love turned into a blood stained knife.
After all that I always tried to hide my painful tears behind my broken smile.
You ruined my life
Perhaps forever…
Yes! I was wrong to fall in love.

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