It is a challenge to make people happy amidst all the sadness ~ Subhadip Mirakkelian Ghosh

Subhadip Ghosh, seen as a popular comedian on ‘Mirakkel season 5’ and one of the mentors in ‘Mirakkel season 6’.

  • Mirakkel was a turning point in your life. What did you have in your mind while being a participant and later a mentor on that show?
    Firstly, I never thought I would be doing comedy. Mirakkel was the first time I tried my skill at comedy. Before that I watched Mirakkel till season 4. I was a finalist in Mirakkel 5. Subhankar da called me up one day before Mirakkel 6 started and asked me to be a mentor. The concept of mentorship was introduced for the first time in that season.


  • What is your motivation behind putting up successful stand-up acts?
    I feel that in order to find some positivity in one’s life, having a sense of humour is very important. A smile at the start of the morning can make you feel bright and cheerful throughout the day. There is sadness all around. It is a challenge to make people happy amidst all this.
Subhadip Ghosh (second from left side)
Subhadip Ghosh (second from left side)
  • Tell us about the experience of being a ‘Mirakkelian’.
    Mirakkel has always been like an extended family. This show has opened different avenues in media for me. I acted in a movie already and I am associated with a group theatre too. Discussions are on about another movie.
    Everybody is struggling in this industry in their own way but Mirakkel has given me the platform that many talented people don’t get.
  • Are you a part of the theatre group, Iccheymoto?
    I am a part of their first production “Buddhijibi”.


  • So far how is your experience in this industry, apart from Mirakkel?
    Well, I am a lecturer in Dinabandhu B.Ed College so I cannot devote my full time in media as I have to balance both. It is extremely tough to get a foothold in this industry. I realize it more and more how hard it was for all the successful people in this industry to achieve that position.


  • You have acted in a few movies….
    Yes, I did. Aniket Chattopadhyay’s ‘Janla Diye Bou Palalo’ has released already. Another movie is in the pipeline.


  • How did you feel acting in a movie for the first time?
    I had a small role in ‘Janla Diye Bou Palalo’ but it was fun. Many Mirakkel team members were also a part of the movie, so it was not that tough. It was a comedy film and the shooting was fun too.


  • Now that you are a known face on television, how has life changed? Is there any change in your students’ attitude towards you?
    Life has definitely changed a lot but I am not letting success change me as a person. I am still the same Subhadip but with the label ‘Mirakkelian’. Life is going great and social networking sites always keep me connected. My students especially those in the back benches nowadays shout out ‘awesome saala’ whenever I explain something well!!


  • How was ‘Ichheymoto’ formed?
    In season 5, Sourav Palodhi was a groomer where I was a participant. In the next season, both of us were mentors and the bond grew stronger between us. He always wanted to start an individual venture. Finally after Mirakkel 7 he left Subhankar da’s team and formed ‘Iccheymoto’. Due to my lectureship, I had a hard time being a regular part of Mirakkel. So I joined Sourav too. Iccheymoto now has 3 productions; ‘Buddhijibi’, ‘Natok tar Naam ki’ and ‘Unsent Letters’.


  • Who is the most mischievous in Mirakkel?
    Mirakkel is not for you if you are not a prankster. That’s how you deliver good performances in Mirakkel. The Mirakkel team has members aged 7 years to 75 years. Even then, we work together and have adda sessions together without any filters in our discussions.


  • Any message for youngsters who wants to take up comedy?
    Keep in mind that the jokes that you receive on your mobile or through the internet have become very common. I think it’s beneficial to read the newspaper every day. You will get lots of funny elements from the news itself. The audience perception has changed with time. Now, nobody laughs at the jokes that seemed funny 5 years ago. The context needs to be witty enough to make people laugh. It is not an easy task to make a room full of people laugh at your jokes at the same time. wishes Subhadip Ghosh all the best for his successful career ahead.

Content writer : Deblina Roy
CameraPerson : Nabina Das
PR : Mousumi Bose
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