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An Exumberant interview session with Koneenica Bandyopadhyay

  1. While studying were you ever encountered with the thought of being an actress?
  • I had always aspired to be an actress but till my grade 12 I had never pondered over it. In that era, girls from upper middle class families did not cater to acting or commit to the film industry. But I was always close to theater. When I was in first year at Sivanath Sastri College, I was already shooting for Ek Akasher Niche. In fact through my entire college life I was considered a celebrity by my college mates. My first television serial was Sopno Nil which started in 1999. While acting in Sopno Nil, the cinematographer had sent me to Ravi Ojha for auditions. While acting in Ek Akasher Niche, I started acting in Ei Toh Jibon. Similarly while acting in Ei Toh Jibon I started acting in Tin Ekke Tin. While shooting, Ravi Ojha offered to do another movie with me called Abar Ashbo Fire.
  1. Tell us about your interests
  • Farming. It’s a bizarre interest, isn’t it? Don’t worry I will do it all before I die out of old age. I had planned to do it with my best friend who is a farmer. I have harvested crops in her farm as well. The smell of the fresh plants appeals to me and beckons me maybe because my maternal uncles were farmers, and my maternal family belongs to the zamindar families. It’s feasible that this gene is carried along to me. I also wanted to go abroad, join WWF and work there, for which I had sent applications too but later on I discarded the idea because it was impervious. I also love to sing, but I sing alone and to myself. I love to dance immensely and I also read books occasionally. Long drives are a favourite of mine but as I am short of people taking me to long drives, I can’t indulge myself in this hobby much. Moreover, I can sit in a balcony all day long contemplating people and never feel bored
Koneenica Bandyopadhyay
Koneenica Bandyopadhyay
  1. Right from your childhood you had aspired to be an actress, who was your inspiration or who influenced you?
  • My father who was a theatre personality has been my inspiration. I have watched many of his plays but reminiscence lies in those old photo albums appended with photographs of him acting and performing. I still wonder in awe and reverence at people who act really well. I have absolutely no idea how I came to this profession when I didn’t even have a solid acting background. I have watched a lot of Hindi movies when I was young, thanks to my father. I believe every actor or actress has their own way of acting, some of them merge with the character to become one whereas in case of others there is a faint boundary between the character and the individual. I started watching world movies after my graduation; truth be told I haven’t been influenced or inspired by actors or actress. I had no idea why I wanted to be an actress. I have an extremely conservative yet supportive family. I myself have been connected to theatre since I was in grade 6. It’s possible that my interest ascends from theatre. I believe in karma and reincarnation, so maybe I was an actress in my previous life. Believing in it makes your life whole lot easier, you know there is metempsychosis, so there is no pain or sadness in death.
  1. You have worked in Bodhon, how was your experience?
  • Yes, I had a small role in it. Working in Bodhon has been really delightful. Ayananshu Banerjee approached me, he is a NRI and had a huge interest in making a Bengali movie. I found him to be very amusing. He gave his full potential in that movie, and received many awards also. Rajatabha Dutta performed impeccably in Bodhon.
Koneenica Bandyopadhyay
Koneenica Bandyopadhyay
  1. How was your experience acting in Chotushkone?
  • Srijit Mukherjee is a childhood friend of mine. I know him through Parambrata Chatterjee. He had acted in Parambrata’s telefilm; I met him there. After that there was a casual friendship between us though we never really met up much because he was too preoccupied with both his personal and professional lives.I visited him when I heard that he was unwell. At that point of time he was enduring a lot of turmoil with Chotushkone as people were withdrawing from the movie. Unexpectedly I got his call one day asking me to enact a small role in Chotushkone and I agreed to it. I found the character to be astonishingly mystifying, she was different from who I am yet we were the same, she dressed very similar to me. I had a fascinating experience working with Deepak Da for the first time, I had always respected him. He is extremely educated, enriched and enticing. I really want to thank Srijit Mukherjee and Sudip Chatterjee.
  1. Tell us something about your upcoming projects
  • Though I don’t really like to talk about my upcoming projects, still, there is Kader Kuler Bou, Cholochitra Circus by Mainak Bhoumik.
Koneenica Bandyopadhyay
Koneenica Bandyopadhyay
  1. Whom do you want to work with in the future?
  • With everyone, trust me! Each and every well-known director, like Anurag Kashyap! And if I talk about Kolkata then I want to work with Srijit Mukherjee again but he never repeats his heroine except for Raima Sen and Koel Mallick, who acted in two of his films. I have a humongous interest in working with Aparna Sen. I also want to work with Goutam Ghosh; he has a hypnotizing personality. Some other names are Kaushik Ganguly and Parambrata Chatterjee. Parambrata has a very innate understanding of the global market and has a refined taste of music.
  1. Who do you really like in Tollywood?
  • I really like Jeet Ganguly for his mindblowing music. And if I talk about actors then I like Dev ; he is a very nice guy, with a charming smile and has a very pleasant personality with no hint of snobbishness in it. I also like Parambrata, Apu da. Swastika Mukherjee is doing really well. Payal Sarkar did really well in Lorai. Ridhima Ghosh,Sudiptaa Chakraborty and Parno Mittra are also great people to work with. Tollywood is a small industry, thus we know each other and appreciate each other’s work. These questions are not even relevant in Hollywood due to its colossal size.
Koneenica Bandyopadhyay
Koneenica Bandyopadhyay
  1. How would you define success?
  • To me success is very relative and subjective. I work for myself, on my rules. My definition of success is not winning four awards or having five hit movies under my wing. To me success is all that you achieve in your lifetime as a human being. I never compete with anyone else; my only competition is me myself. Your whole life is a struggle, how you overcome it, is your achievement. It’s not about standing in a line and showing off fake stardom.
  1. If you ever get the chance again, would you like to enact in serials?
  • Ya, I would like to go back if I get a script like Ek Akasher Niche and if Ravi Ojha comes back. It will give me happiness. Happiness helps me to breathe and sleep.
  1. You were a contestant at big boss, why did you compete in such a reality show?
  • I had just left Bombay and returned to Calcutta. At the same time I really wanted to test myself, if I was emotionally stable and matured. I had never thought I would survive for three months in that house without quarreling or fighting. I hadn’t indulged myself in the politics but yes I had spoken out numerous times. Nobody supported me there and I am glad I never broke down. You don’t get your close ones there; a place where you can’t see your own reflection and that does not include only mirrors. Big Boss helped me prove to myself that I am not at all vulnerable or fragile.
  1. Any message to your fans or upcoming talents?
  • In this profession you don’t really need any certificate but whatever you do be dedicated to it and indulge in it with happiness. The most important possession that an actor has is his confidence. So when you stand on the floor or in front of the camera never lose even a bit of your confidence. is delighted at your presence. We further hope to be enlightened by your presence.

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