The Countdown Begins-“Abar Bajbe Alor Benu!”

And there is no doubt, that all Bongs are receiving the pujo frequency now! The plannings, plotting are now ready to serve on the plate for those five days. As the countdown begins, the hearts are beating faster!

You can see sweaty, exhausted but enthusiastic bongs under the twelve o’clock sun in Esplanade or Garia, stuck in huge traffic jam carrying shopping bags of different shapes & sizes.

And a perfect armed artist

“KUMORTULI” is the untold emotion of Bongs. It’s amazing to see how the combo of straws, clay & eye soothing colors can create the overwhelming tales. Artists have the supreme skill to create the “creators”.

“Picture abhi baki hain mere dost!”

It is the “CHANDER HAT” of professional & passionate photographers during “chokkhu dan” by the artists.Taking selfies, capturing emotions form new connections find their way to be bloom as “pujo prem”.

The ear shoothing “dhaker baddi”, head logging of kashphool whispers  home coming of “MAA”.The authentic fragnance & the charming saffron of “shiuli” prevails along the autumn.

And the ultimatum the “KOLKATTAIAN” & bongs of all around the world are eagerly counting days for the thrilling emotions of “BAJLO TOMAR ALOR BENU” at 4 o’clock!!

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