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A letter to my younger self…

A letter to my younger self,

You know at this point when I turn back to look at you, I find those two tiny eyes eagerly looking at me. You are dressed in a red frock, with hideous makeup, and with mum’s stolen lipstick.

Apart from your smile what attracts me most, is your innocence. I wonder if you ever felt insecure about the future. No, probably not. Good, because future has its share of horrible things and sweet memories too.

Do you know little one, your innocence resembles with William Blake’s THE LAMB. I want to preserve that purity before it turns into experience like Blake’s THE TYGER?

How precious you are. After growing up, it feels somehow I am lacking your purity and innocence. I know I have seen too much of the big big world. But hey, I try to restore my share of smile too!

I have lost many things of you. But I am successful in keeping many things alive as well. Even today, Durga Puja and Basanti Puja make me jump with excitement. I feel that familiar energy in me even this time. I can feel the essence of those festivals in air!

The tears have changed its path, the smile has worn its fake veneer. Many things have changed but one thing that is still very evident is my vision of life. It has upgraded more but I keep it down to earth just to ensure it to keep in touch with you, my dearest younger self.

The most memorable part of being a child is that you don’t have to worry about the outside, outer world. But as we grow, experiences kill the innocence in us. We all should retain that for a peaceful life.

People do change here, but you should not be detached from your actual self.

With Love,

The Elder Me….

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