Insomnia ― A Curse

One day, I woke up in the darkness of early dawn

The shades of black on the sky beheld―

The traces of my insomniac self,

The sordid lifestyle I led, and

The restless turns I took while I struggled for sleep.

All these moments passed along with time,

And the sky was no longer dark.

The sky revealed its hues, a spontaneous orange

Which fades into a yellow, not so bright;

Yet, not that pale.

I witnessed one more morning,

Which embraced me within its dazzling light;

Quite blinding for a sleep-deprived like me.

In that light, I saw my life reflecting upon me,

The deadly nights I spent, tossing myself on the bed

Just to sleep. Just, to sleep for a while.

But no, all the pills failed to close my eyes.

That morning I saw a different self,

Horrified, and somewhat aloof.

These numerous days of sleeplessness

Had fed on me like a beast and there I stood―

With dark patches under my eyes and a lean frame;

A weak one.

I turned towards the clock which read 5:30,

And sat up.

Closing the curtains I searched for the pills,

And emptied the bottle.

Now, I could sleep, peacefully.

And I shall never again wake up, again,

In the darkness of early dawn.

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