Coldplay and SRK exchange love over twiiter!

Coldplay and SRK exchange love over twitter! Yes you heard it right. Coldplay and Shahrukh khan seem to be exchanging gallantries over twitter just a day before.

Coldplay had openly stated his love for Indian music and our country. Our Bollywood Badshah also replied his love with equal love!

And it shows on twitter that Coldplay mentions SRK and sends him a song to listen, to which, SRK’s reply sprinkles joy among his fans. SRK replies that he will definitely listen to that song and send some of his Indian sings to him. And now that’s something which sets a happy-happy tone for all the national and the International fans as well!

There is also a speculation about whether Coldplay will join SRK for one of his films. This may be an interesting thing to keep in watch! Keep up!

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