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Tolly Pujo with 5 blockbusters

The auspicious season of festivity was blessed with the release of five blockbusters which made the crowd flood into their nearest theatres with bells on. ‘Durga Puja 2015’ would not have been better had these five blockbusters in Tollywood failed to win the hearts of people around.

‘Rajkahini’ has been made and conceptualised on the barren grounds of 1947’s shaky India when the troubled souls were dispersing aimlessly to cling on to their roots. The story revolves around ‘Begum Jaan’ and her brothel which had survived constant threats from the agents of Partition to tear down their business because the wall of partition was supposed to be stretched and run through the middle of the brothel. This is an execution that deserves loud cheer and appreciation across the city because Srijit Mukherjee indeed proved his skills scripting the sketch of then Bengal. Performances of actors like Rituparna Sengupta, Saswata Chatterjee, Koushik Sen, Kanchan Mallik are pretty commendable. Hence, Rajkahini has been painted on serious matters of dealing. An ending score: “Bharata Bhagya Bidhata” has spurred the film to its rebellious edge.


On the contrary, films like ‘Katmundu’ and ‘Cross-Connection 2’ have been made with full of the joys of spring. Their hilarious contents will definitely ease your mind with happiness. Funny stories with fancy freed dialogues have evoked sense of relaxation to the audience. ‘Katmundu’ a tale of three software engineers and their unprecedented troubles; ‘Cross Connection 2’ a story climbing along the ups and downs of two contemporary couples will take you to a humourous ride throughout. Performance of ‘Rudranil Ghosh’ is amazingly appreciable.


Jishu Sengupta has put up a promising play on screen in his first ‘Byomkesh Bakshi’ assignment; the story sculpting the plot from ‘Kahen Kabi Kalidas’, a fragment derived from the ‘Byomkesh’ series penned by one of the great litterateurs of all times. Directed by ‘Anjan Dutta’ , this film has strangely won the hearts of many in the city with its simple yet lucid delivery making it a well-knit watch.


‘Shudhu tomar e jonno’ has taken Tollywood one notch higher as far as its romantic rendition is concerned. Admirable performances of ‘Dev’ and ‘Srabanti Chatterjee’ will add on to the taste more. The story has been portrayed on the canvas where a couple  who surprisingly yet somewhere down the line obviously got separated for experiencing differences in higher degrees. Falling for a different person and indulging in keeping the memories of their past fresh started building a tougher wall in between them. Disillusionment and a reunion in the end, have made the complicated bits of romance yet more fascinating in the frame. Blend of interesting musical scores have complimented with the skeleton of the cinematography only too well. Audience have found the music very now, happening and experimental.


Judging the response from the viewers, it is quite a mammoth task to reward the best film because each film has gotten its own flavour and pinch of uniqueness. Nevertheless, ‘Rajkahini’ happened to stem out as the most discussed film because of its splendour, grand prosecution and intimidating storyline. Moreover performances of eleven female faces have enriched the dramatic significance of the film notably.

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