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Written update of Bigg Boss 12, EPISODE 37-DAY 36

Surprises were yet to come! And there came a wild card entry. ‘Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya’ fame ‘Ratan Sa’ aka Rohit entered the house as a wild card entry. Everyone in the house was shocked to see a new entrant. After entering the house Rohit gave some advices to Deepak that his entertainment is now being missed. The new comer then interacted with Romil and Sree as well.

       Survi and Deepak were talking about Rohit. Apparently Survi called Rohit "Beautiful Boy". Some of the  house members started thinking that Rohit has chosen his group. 

The next morning everyone woke up with the famous bollywood song “Tune maari entryaan dil mai baji ghantiyaan…”. The ‘gharwale’ were dancing and enjoying very much. After that the new member, Rohit got some criticisms because of the colour of his shorts. Sree said, “Is purple the new black!”. ‘Gharwale’ had some problems regarding Rohit being handsome and ‘Gora’. Survi said, he is the most handsome and eligible boy of this season. In the bedroom Survi, Romil, Jasleen, Srishti were talking about Sree’s bracelet. Sree had given that bracelet to Romil and after Romil returned it, Sree gave the same bracelet to Jasleen.

   Then the nomination task of the week started. Bigg Boss asked Anup ji, Romil and Deepak to go to the special room. Then they were asked to nominate one of them by major voting. Now the twist comes, there was a celebrity expert who had the power to change the nominations. So, Anup ji got nominated. Then Survi, Urvashi and Somi came to the special room. Survi and Somi nominated Urvashi, but the celebrity expert used her power and saved Urvashi and nominated Survi as she thought, Survi has some anger issues which she should control. She also added that Survi is her one of favorite contestants in the house. Among Jasleen, Srishti and Dipika, Srishti got unsafe. And Saba got nominated among KV, Sree and Saba. 

After getting nominated Saba got angree at Sree. Apparently Sree said that it’s his strategy to behave like he’s not interested in the game. Survi and Saba accused Sree. According to them, Sree doesn’t respect women, abuses too much.

The celebrity expert Megha entered the house and tried to justify her reason to nominate Survi and Saba. The members had had a chit-chat with Megha. She advised everyone how to play a better and smarter game. And that’s how the episode ended.

- Trisha Saha
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