A Road Trip

Life is too short to be wasted’, we all demand to know this phrase. Actually we all really know this fact but except a few, in fact very few, this fact doesn’t even have any meaning at all. Sometimes life itself makes us feel that it is there to be wasted by us. For instance,we […]


We are the generation Y who is never satisfied with our lives. One day we feel full while the other day it seems the world is totally running opposite to us. Now, to nurture our living we take up things, which are closer to our souls. Keeping a low key and being liberal is all […]


TOP  10  OFFBEAT  DESTINATIONS  IN INDIA  EVERYBODY SHOULD  VISIT, AT LEAST  ONCE India is known as the abode of multi linguistic people and their numerous cultures. Just like people and their different cultures, India is the land of mysteries. This nation is encompassed by mountains in one side, deserts in the other parts and seas […]

Top Wedding Destinations Across The World

It is said that “Marriages are created in heaven and celebrated on Earth” and this celebration deserves a good destination. After all, it is the beginning of the new journey of your life. Planning a wedding in your hometown is easy compared to organizing the same somewhere out but the latter adds a different dimension […]

9 Romantic Things To Do For Couples In Shimla

Himachal Pradesh has unparalleled splendour that makes it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India. And the capital of the state, Shimla by all means lives up to its reputation. The place boasts of being irrevocably magnificent and rich with the bountiful nature, superb architecture dating back to the colonial times and the […]