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Shortest Review: The Fallen Kingdom of Jurassic

Shortest Review: The Fallen Kingdom of Jurassic

Tick Tock Tick! Every microsecond you near your Death…! You are chased by some ferocious dinos and then you run, run and run, it’s the end, you understand, and then, voila!
You are saved! At the very last nanosecond!

This is basically the game of run and hide, find and run, that forms the backbone of the World of Jurrasic.

Jurassic Park entertained a huge range of audience, and Jurassic World is following the steps. The way it hides a murder scene, the way it showcases the end of all evil, marks it an appropriate movie for the children.

A special Dino with emotions, a much special Dino which is basically a prototype, weaves the story together. How the Dinosaurs are endangered, and how their last lot are to be saved from an active Volcano, some people with their evil motives, yet some with their genuine concerns, are bound to take you within their journey.
You may put your nails near your mouth to bite them, or you may look at different scenes from within the gap of your fingers! This is Jurassic World: the Fallen Kingdom for you!

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