Nirbaak : Affection and Love Stories from a Different Vision

Love! Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. There is no definition of love, it can only be felt. Love is pure emotion. Nirbaak, the film of Srijit Mukherjee is a full flagged love story. ‘Nirbaak’ means ‘speechless’ in Bengali and the film tells us a complicated reality and it can make us speechless. The movie speaks not only of human love stories but also a dog and a tree. Here, the national award-winning director tells 5 different love stories. The movie breaks the stereotype concept of love.

Probably the movie compels us to think in a different vision. Middle class Bengali cinema lovers feel that the film is out of their comfort zone. The fact is that the movie is ahead of the time. Mainly a woman, 3 men, a tree, a dog are the main characters of the movie. The woman is the linker of the stories and every story has a common topic which is nothing but love and affection.

The first male character Samson Gomes is a hyper narcissistic character. He is a loner and self-lover. Samson spends a lot of time in front of the mirror and kisses himself over the mirror. He is in affection with his reflection and he fulfills his lust by himself. On his birthday he cut cake alone and smears on his face. Nowadays we often say ‘love yourself’. But everything becomes toxic when it is overplayed. Here Gomes is a perfect example of that. The character of Gomes is played by Anjan Dutt. Gomes meets the woman in the park beneath the tree. The second story starts here. The role of the woman is played by Sushmita Sen.

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The tree is in love with the woman. The woman loves her city and the nature of her city. Often she goes to the park and takes a sit beneath the tree. She does not know that the tree has a deep affection for her. The tree fantasies that the woman is dancing around at night. One day the woman takes a nap under the tree and the tree ejaculates a white liquid. 


The woman has a lover and he comes to Kolkata for her. The relationship between man and woman is the concept of part three of the story which is connected with second and fourth. The man whose name is Rahul has a female dog. The bitch is in love with her master. Jisshu Sengupta plays here as Rahul. The bitch named Bingi is very jealous and she does not accept her master’s girlfriend. The woman and Rahul faced the fatal accident because of Bingi.


In the fifth story, a morgue caretaker named Mrityunjoy feels love for the dead body of a woman. He becomes weak to see her face. He imagines the corpse as his wife. The role is acted by Ritwick Chakroborty. He has brutally killed by some necrophiliac. 


Nirbaak is one of the best experimental movie in the history of Indian Cinema. As a Bengali film-lover, I want to share my feelings after watching the movie. In the film Anjan Dutt brilliantly expresses the narcissist. Jisshu and Sushmita are appropriate. The acting of Ritwick is very natural. The dog is outstanding in her role. Silent love is the main feature which is retaining in the film. The background music is impeccable. When we watch the film, it resemblance like a poetry that describes silent love which is quite different from Srijit Mukherjee’s others. The cinematography of the film shows the beauty of Kolkata. It is such an eye candy. It is the last but not least the song touches our hearts. 

যদি আকাশের গায়ে কান না পাতি, তোমার কথা শুনতে পাবোনা… ” 


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