Nivea body milk review

Nivea body milk review.

Now in market Nivea is a well known brand. Nivea’s products are genuinely worth of the money. Since the winter is coming, I thought why not give you a detailed review of the body milk.

We all need solid moisturisation for this coming winter. But we also must check of our pockets as well. So here I am presenting a detailed review of an affordable product that will provide you solid nourishment. So here is my review of Nivea body milk.


Quantity: 75ml.

Price: 75 bucks.

Ideal for: very dry skin.

Claims: 48 hours intensive moisture care with deep moisture serum.

Usage: apply it on damp skin after bath.

Availability: Online and offline as well.

My experience: Lets talk about packaging first. Its a deep blue packed body lotion. Its formula is very creamy which is perfect for winter time. Now though its formula is very creamy but it is lightweight as well so it absorbs into skin very fast. Now Nivea is a known brand for its body lotions.

Though in winter we want a more heavy moisturiser still it works quite well. There is a issue with its packaging if you want a lesser amount you will have to squeeze it carefully or else larger portion will spill out from the package. Nivea body milk will give you a smooth feeling.

Also in winter we must see in check our overall diet and hydration as well. We must follow our daily hydration routine very carefully. Otherwise dry skin will begin to appear. Nivea has launched few other variants of this body milk as well.

Overall in winter Nivea is a great option for affordable beauties. Though it has a slight packaging problem but that can be fixed. Winter is coming, so let’s get prepared with all our armours.

In this season you must invest in a good moisturiser to prevent skin from drying out. Lets combat this dry season with thick moisturiser.

Until we meet next time, stay safe!

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