Laughter has a new language and it starts with “Ka Kha Ga Gha”

We often look for complications in our life and thus, miss out on the fun stuff life has to offer. A simple chat with your friend, a casual afternoon with your lover, a cute fight with your spouse and such simple moments makes life worth living. The Debut director deciphered this simple message that life had sneaked into the “happy moments” and treated us with laughter in the form of the film “Ka Kha Ga Gha”.

Dr. Krishnendu didn’t only bring all the present day Bengali laughter kings together but the man had a plan. From a very focused, dedicated and practical aspiring director played by Samadarshi Dutta named Kalyan to a very scared yet high spirited self-proclaimed “Lodaku Lekhok” meaning a writer with a fighting spirit played by Iman Chakraborty named Kharaj, from a charming, lover boy, dreamer and who someone trying his best to become a hero played by Saurav Das named Ganesh to a rustic, cut throat aspiring villain who has a pinch of comedy in him played by the guy who is always “Happy to Disturb!”, RJ Sayan and had a very interesting name Ghonta. These four Characters not only provide the movie with a wide spectrum of human behaviors but also their initials provide the title to the movie “Ka Kha Ga Gha”.

Apart from them this movie had Paran Bandhopadhyay , Kaushik Ganguly, Aparajita Addhya, Saayoni Ghosh, Lama Halder and our favourite Bengali queen of comedy Manashi Sinha.
No matter how different the characters seem, they all were same because of one single reason that is they all were struggling. Paran Bandhopadhyay played the role of a tea stall owner who also has his own “Mess” or dormitory near the famous studios of Tollygunge, Kolkata. All his life he had been a junior artist and grew old with the dream of getting once chance to prove his worth to the film industry.


The scene where he smoothly gets into the past while describing how he had come to Kolkata in the first place is some good work of cinematography. The fact that the role of young him was also played by the old man himself while his parent’s room was a simple set up of a dressing table and a gate on the very same road as the tea stall is in makes the scene even better.

As because he had to struggle all his live he found a connection with all the aspiring, struggling artists he would come across. His mess is the home to many small level struggling artists and our funny four also lived there along with some other artist who are also some of our favorite comedians. When it came to making “Pun” intended jokes Dr. Krishnendu gave full liberty to his laughter lot. Though there are four characters supposedly main, it doesn’t actually show up on the big screen in a good way of course because nobody is superior or inferior in a typical Bengali “Mess” or dormitory.

After getting beaten up by the harsh life and Ghonta literally getting beaten up the group sits together and everybody knows what happens when a group of talented people sit together while usually they create a mess, but that was already done so the unusual happened they created a very nice script for a movie.

To turn that script into a movie they need money and here is where the drunk Owner of a biscuit company comes in along with his very complaining wife, Kaushik Ganguly and Aparajita Addhya did justice to these characters and later we would get to know that even after being super rich they are struggling. The alleged Ka Kha Ga Gha take that script to him and guess what he rejects it. A man who dips his biscuit in alcohol rejected the script they were so proud of. One would not stop laughing throughout the movie but still would understand the pain they go through.
The frame sense and use of light and angles have also played a very big role in making what the film is now.

A delight to the eyes and also a delight to the ears. The romantic numbers called “ Naam Na Jana Pakhi” is going to be a staple in the playlists of the lovers and the ones who have a romantic heart for who can resist Sheya Ghoshal and Arijit Singh voicing the stunning Saayoni Ghosh and Saurav Das’s beautiful chemistry? The other songs also carry a meaning to the movie including the item number. You don’t even have to pay strict attention in the beginning for the movie will compel you to do so.

A comedy film that hardly has any dirty joke in it. A movie that will make you laugh out loud a first and inspire later when you recall the story. A story of how a mess full of “hooligans” make their dreams come true even after being rejected by their last hope. Curious to know how? Didn’t have a good laugh in ages? Want a refreshment for your brain? Then this a movie for you. So grab the people you want to ROLF with and hit our nearest theatre.

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