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‘Diary of a wimpy kid: The Meltdown’ book review

‘Diary of a wimpy kid’ is a story series by Jeff Kinney. This book first appeared in 2004. And then it was being published several times in series form.

The book which today I am going to give you review is ‘Diary of a wimpy kid: The Meltdown’. It costs 299 bucks including alk tax. It is available on Amazon and offline as well.

‘Diary of a wimpy kid’ talks about Greg Heffley. He is middle school student who wants to be popular. The book is his diary cum journal in which he writes all his experiences with drawing pictures.

Its cover is of purple colour upon which a melted snowman is drawn. Since ‘Diary of a wimpy kid’ is said to be a diary, it also looks like a diary in which Greg has written about his daily life and interactions.

This particular version of the book talks about the increasing temperature, the pros and cons of melting down snow. Greg’s most close friend is perhaps Rowley who gives him very innovative ideas to cope up with all the problems.

Though ‘Diary of a wimpy kid’ may appear some sort of childish to you at first but if you are grown up enough, you can find the undercurrent meaning of hope as well.

Greg talks about the importance of living now. The main attraction of this book is that it contains pictures. So it can be a great attraction point for kids as well as for grownups.

‘Diary of a wimpy kid’ presents the view of a child in daily life. How he sees a problem and how he solves it are two major themes of this book.

This particular ‘Meltdown’ edition talks about some environmental issues from a different perspective. The book will entertain your mind. As it represents a kid’s point of view, the readers will relate to it.

The only backdrop of ‘Diary of a wimpy kid’ is sometimes it may seem boring as it contains the regular daily life of a kid.

Greg always finds a way to fight, he always has this optimistic view about life. The readers will love to see how he fights and solves all his problems. He has no regrets and no complaints. He is happy with whatever he has in life. He lives in present time.

Overall it is a good reading which will give you a tinge of your childhood memories in wrap of modern day’s problem.

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