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Acne and rashes

We all suffer from acnes and rashes. Those nasty looking bumps create an overall mask upon our face. We tend to ignore them and then after it gets severe , only then we notice.

Face wash and moisturising cream are things that are the most common part of our daily skincare regime. So if we must use the correct products, made specifically for our acne so that, we can combat those ugly pimples. So today, I have come up with one face wash and one moisturising lotion that will not only keep your skin hydrated but will also help to cure acnes.




Name: Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser for dry skin.

Quantity: 125ml

Price: 237 rupees.

Availability: In all medical stores and online too.

Texture and smell: It is in liquid form and very gel like. No smell, white in colour.

Specially for: The dry and sensitive skin.

Application: Just as your regular face wash, twice a day.

My experience:  I do suffer from acne every now and then. My skin is very sensitive, if I use any wrong product upon my skin it will have an adverse effect. This face wash is extremely gentle on my skin. It doesn’t dry out my skin and gives a soft supple kind of feeling to it. I am using it for three weeks now and my ance seems to appear lesser.

One thing I want to mention is that, this face wash is ideal for dry skinned people or oily skinned people in winters only. Otherwise you may feel a subtle greasiness on your face.




Name: Cetaphil moisturising lotion for dry skin.

Quantity: 100ml.

Price: 347 rupees.

Availability: In all medical stores.

Texture and smell: It is lotion in form. No smell and white in colour.

Specially for: Dry skin.

Application: After washing your face, pat it dry. Then apply very small size of amount of this product.

My experience: Moisturization is something that I feel is important for both oily and dry skin. This moisturizing lotion blends in your skin seamlessly. It will provide you moisturization throughout the day. You don’t need to reapply it over and over again.

It is ideal for winters. But in summers you can apply it too but in smaller amount, just a pea-size is enough for your face. If you use too much it can make your skin look oily and greasy.


Here bang on! These two products will surely help you to combat with your acnes and rashes this season. So dear girls …do give it a shot!

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