Spring Fest 2018

Spring is coming early this year as the technical have decided to become creative with Spring Fest. Spring has changed its time and ever since 1960 it is gradually arriving early especially in West Bengal as one of the biggest fests of India happens around that time.

The colors, the freshness, the youthful ambiance makes it like no other fest in India. One of the biggest platform for any college goer to showcase his/her talent and get the appreciation it deserves. IIT Kharagpur opens its gates to everyone who wants to be a part of the jovial celebration. From great music to superb level of other performing arts.

One can come across their first big break and also first love in this celebration. Students from in and out of west Bengal take part in various competitions held by the students of IIT Kharagpur making it one of the biggest student organized festivals of our nation. They prove that engineers are capable of doing things more than just the one’s related with science. They have expertise in both the management and arts department too as it is not easy to continue something for 6 decades and still being at the top.

The IITans have it all for you:

Dance competitions like Shuffle for the street dancers, Centrifuge for the people who grove in a group, Two For a Tango is what the name suggests a duet dance competition and Shake a Leg for the people who set the stage on fire all by themselves.

If you can’t groove but the stage is still your second home, because you act then you get four categories which over a wide spectrum of dramatics like Rangmanch the annual dramatics competition and if you are more down to earth or more precisely more connected to the streets then also the Spring Fest has got you covered with the mesmerizing Nukkad where teams performs like professional, the famous dialogue of Salman Khan has also found its place in the dramatics department I Me and Myself is for the drama queens who can own the stage all by themselves and is ready for impromptu actions. A great actor s versatile and can act out at any moment and become any character and if you can do that the curtain is calling you in Curtain Call.

To dance you need music and if you can create your own then why not showcase it? Spring Fest has Wildfire, India’s oldest and most prestigious rock band competition, Lake Side Dream for the jammers and Sargam if you are influenced by our eastern heritage be it folk or classical. Don’t worry if your genre of singing is more about enjoyment because Sa Re Ga Ma and SF Karaoke are all about that. Just last year Spring Fest introduced its solo singing competition SF Idols, one of the biggest platforms one can get with its prelims being held across cities.
Apart from all these events you get literary competitions, fine arts competitions and many on field games to keep the adrenaline flowing.

The best of the best musicians have played their music on the stage of Spring Fest. The three days long starting from 26th January till 28th of the same month is Armaan Malik approved and Visahal and Shekhar agrees with him. International stars like Dead By April and Zaeden have also praised their hospitality and the enthusiasm of the crowd the at IIT Kharagpur. If you are in college then there isn’t any reason for you to not attend this gala celebration of youthfulness. So go to their website Sprinf Fest 2018 now and officially be a part of the fest of all times.

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