Participate in NLCEE and get a chance to win cash prize up to 60 thousand

What is NLCEE?

NLCEE is National level common entrance examination. This is the only admission test in India that is accepted by thousands of coaching classes. It’s a hunt for the students to grab this excellent opportunity. On 31st March 2020, the NLCEE exam will be held. This year on 2019, the exam was too conducted across 62 cities participating around 22,000 students. In the upcoming year, at more than 100 cities the exam will be held.

We all know India’s brains are often drained in USA or other developed countries. We aren’t able to provide that level of salary so when people get opportunity they move abroad rather than living in India and roaming around 4-10 lakhs per annum. Students belonging from poor families are unable to elevate their career due to financial problems in spite of having so much talent. So, it’s a wonderful initiative to make better India by employing deserved candidates to the higher officials.

Benefits of appearing at NLCEE exam

The exam registration fees for all the students are absolutely free so that every student get this golden opportunity. Schools and colleges are required to register on the NLCEE’s official website www.nicee.org  so that students are able to register their names for the exam. They are providing up to 100 % scholarship on tuition fees to top 1000 students. Students won’t miss the golden opportunity to get free educational trip for 3-15 days at research and development centers like ISRO, IITs. So, grab the chance before it’s too late. This educational trip would help students in getting an overall idea about the competition to get into. Thus, accordingly they can prepare themselves to achieve their desired goal. The team assures of giving wings to the aspiring students’ dream. Free coaching will be provided to poor and underprivileged students.

The motto is to spread education among all the students. There are many students who in spite of getting good marks in their respective classes, are unable to enjoy their dream career due to financial issue. Students are benefited with the rank they get in NLCEE exam to take admission at any coaching institute. This initiative organized by the students and alumni of different IITs, NITs and IIMs is really very beneficial for the rising stars of our India.

Eligibility criteria

Age ranging from 14 – 19 years studying at standard 9 – 12  are eligible to appear for the test.

How can you prepare for the NLCEE exam?

It’s a test to judge your thinking ability, aptitude and creativity in problem solving. There are many problem solving books available in local bookstores or even online in Amazon or Flipkart which would help the students to practice on their own to pass the exam. Short cuts and the technical skills in Mathematics and science are tested as well. For example you will be given a big problem to solve where in school level you use 2 -3 formulas to lead to the answer but here you need to put one formula to solve the problem within minutes.

Awards for students from NLCEE

Awards are distributed in two phases. In the first phase, awards are distributed based on the results. We select 1000 children for the second phase, and we reward them. Students who top in the exam get 60k. NLCEE gives prize money of 60k to the toppers. Students who have secured 2nd rank, they are awarded with prize money of 45k each to two students. 3rd rank gets 35k each to two students. Similarly, 25k to 4 students of the 4th and 5th rank, 12k to 10 students who stand between the 6th and 10th rank, and 10k to 20 students from 11th to the 20th rank respectively. Top 1000 students will receive assured awards and medals.

In the second phase, top 100 students are given free educational trip (consisting of free transportation and accommodation) at top research centres like ISRO, IITs, etc. Thus, this is the grand golden opportunity for the rising stars.

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