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An Island

There was a certain Island in the sea

A splash of green and birds free.

The waves did kiss its shore,

Flinging away the life it bore.

A bit of scent and a lot of life

With no friction and no strive.

It was until the catastrophe struck

Leaving behind a bare muck.

One day it was all calm,

The silence I’m sure meant no harm.

A huge wave hit ashore

Obliterating the entire Island therefore.

Saw ever curious eyes, so strange a sight?

Portent in a little, assorted death and blight.

Like the ingredients of a witches’ broth?

Thr beady spider, the flower like a froth.

How else dispose of an immortal force

No longer needed? Staunch it at its source.

In fetid darkness still to live and run,

And all for nothing it had ever done

Except forget to go in fear perhaps,

No one would know except for ancient maps.

And then the sea gets its rest

After depicting the storm at its best.

Darkness engulfs what once used to be an Island

Brimming with life and shafts of sand.

The silent now speaks the long lost story

Of ravishing times and lost glory.

Now the silence mixed with the darkness of the night

Oh! How mournfully peaceful a sight!

What more dreadful yet beautiful can there be?

The silence before the storm, the wrath of the sea.

What but design of darkness and of night,

Oh yes it is, I am right…


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