Smart Gorgeous Hacker Secrets To Keep You Pretty And Chic

No eyeliner, OMG! No  blush and lip gloss, good heavens! What do we do? The party is just about this evening, and here your vanity case looks like a scene from a robbed event- where did everything go? Fear not and worry less, with simple DIY ways you too can ensure you never run out of cosmetics again. Read on and learn about these hacks that I have found online- some tried and tested too.


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Fix that broken eyeshadow

Isn’t it irritating when you have your best cool and warm tone shades in one palette, only to find your favorite ones chipped or broken? Here’s how to get them saved! Spray a little rubbing alcohol (when I say little I really mean a mist and not more than two drops) into the palette and press with a spatula. Your eyeshadow is now ready as new to use!


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Run out of concealer

From hiding those blemishes to pimples and acne marks or even the peskiest of dark circles, I would say use concealer. But what if it isn’t in your budget to buy a stick? You can use the lightest shade of coral lipstick for fair to medium skin tones and dark reds and orange lipstick for medium dusky to ebony skin tones.






Need pouty lips

No gloss at home but pouty lips to flaunt are a must? Here’s what you do. Apply a nude lip liner first and then fill in with a nude lipstick. The middle of the lips should be touched with two strokes of pink or peach shimmer eyeshadow, over which you shall paint the lips a darker shade of pink or peach or red. Blend well and apply a dab of Vaseline.


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Contouring hack revealed

You don’t have to invest in costly contouring powders and creams to give your face a defined look. The good old dark lipstick shades in creamy formulas can help you with the same. Strike a line with the dark lipstick using a lip brush on your cheekbones, and blend it into the skin downwards. Contouring done!


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Sultry intense eyes

No kohl to rim the eyelids with or doll up the lash line to make them look sultry? Use dark matte eyeshadow to achieve the same. A light shade of brown to begin with for the upper and lower lash line, combine and smudge with an angular brush and a darker shade of brown and black (1:1) mixed for the final touch on the lash lines! Rim the upper eyelid with one stroke of dark kohl!


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Unwashed hair so beautiful

Not unless it stinks, no one will know your hair isn’t washed at the party tonight. What you could do is to tie the hair into a topknot or maybe leave it messy with flowers for décor. Not a soul would be able to tell the difference. Here are a couple of styles to flaunt at the parties and special events, even at work too, and they just won’t be able to tell.


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Shiny nails with toothpaste

While brushing your teeth, I would ask you to brush your finger and toe nails too with toothpaste. Give them a good scrub for a minute and wash under cold water thereof. Now watch how your nails shine and I have just saved you from a costly manicure and pedicure parlor trip! You’re welcome!



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Webby nail art

Flaunt those nails wherever you go with webby nail art- more so now when spiderman movies seems to be catching all our fancies!


Source: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/3c/c7/9a/3cc79adfb9ad90d539eb5e996e93bd45.jpg

There are many more hacks and DIY ways to save money on beauty and cosmetic needs. I would encourage you to write in and learn more, and share your own hacks too!

Stay gorgeous lovelies *wink*




A bohemian at heart, a wild child by nature, Rohan A H Noronha speaks to the soul and spirit of many through his writings. Quirky, incandescent and sometimes blunt yet polite, styling the less-fortunate and writing is a passion deep rooted and a second-self to the author. At the moment, a student of Cosmetology and Skin Aesthetics (Cidesco, Cibtac and ICL) at Christine Valmy School of Beauty, Kolkata.

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