Traditional Looks for Boys this Puja

It’s all known fact that Bengali’s biggest festival Durga Puja is on its way. Hardly 2 more months left when all the bongs will flood the roads and pour themselves in the essence of Durga Puja. And It’s a tradition. 

Well, we know, as mythology suggests, Maa Durga is the most powerful of all Hindu gods and she saved the world from the hands of Mahishasura. Since then, we worship her. Without going more deeply into the myths, Durga Puja is the devoutness of womanhood. But Puja is not all about women but for men also.

As for every single Bengali, one has to look cool, dashing. In one word fashionable glamorous, yeah! So, what a person needs are a fabulous dress and shoes and some accessories. And also, he/she has to be really comfortable with those. For the festival, a bit of ethnicity is preferable mostly. As a guy, traditional ethnic wears can make every single person look really classy on these festive occasions.

Shopping is the first thing what everybody got in their minds. One has to buy new clothes, new shoes, everything. So traditional ethnic wear for men is about to make an entrance. Nowadays, life has been too busy. We didn’t get the chance to go to the market and do the shopping for a long time. It’s been too hard to do that. It’s an era of e-commerce. For the consumers, it is a real blessing to find ourselves every single need just by one click/tap. But who wants to spend more money, right? Then it would be better to go to the stores. Chill! no-one has to worry about this. It’s all sorted. For the puja and other festivals, the traditional looks bring the essence of it. So, here are some suggestion which can suit you.


Indo-western look:

Indo Western wear means the fusion of Indian wear and Western wear and you will a great ethnic wear collection for boys. For all the funky freaks who want to try something new, this style is something. Wearing the traditional ethnic men’s wear also helps to adapt and embrace the culture and still being updated with the latest fashion trends. Many people don’t wear traditional wear, because it is less comfortable. The concept of Indo Western was introduced in the fashion world to get rid of that issue.

Kurtas with Denim Jeans: This is the most casual and common style. It’s simple yet classy. You can pair almost every kurta colour shades with black or darker shades of blue jeans.

Shirts with Dhoti pants:

This is a crazy way of mixing traditional attire and the rest. Try wearing this if you’re bold enough, also you can try dhoti with coats (Remember axe signature god ad)

The Classic Bengali look for Ashtami:

Traditional attire for men in Bengal usually consists of dhoti and it’s paired up with a silk or cotton Punjabi (a long kurta) While white or off-white are the traditional colours for the wear, you can take your liberty with your ethnic dress though. 

As you have to be in a crowded place to give Anjali, so you should prefer more cotton kurtas or silk-cotton kurtas.

Cotton kurtas are very light, comfortable, and good for casual and semi-formal wear. They come in a variety of colours and embroidered patterns.

Silk-cotton kurtas are heavier and they have a rich, glossy finish with elaborated traditional patterns. Nowadays Sanatani dhoti is quite famous among this traditional look. 

Along with this, A khadi kurta combined with denim jeans can give you the quite exceptional look and provide perfect insulation to the hot and tropical climate.



Last but not least, you need shoes which can go with your outfits. Ethnic mojaris are common and versatile. If you’re looking for a smart and sophisticated outfit, you should wear a pair of tan brown mojaris with cream coloured silk pyjama and kurta set and more to it you can Nehru jacket over top.

For the traditional Bengali look, with the dhotis or baggy pyjamas, traditional sandals are the perfect fit. Also, Kolhapuri sandals can go with the cotton embroidered kurta.

To conclude, it’s your choice what to wear. I just made a suggestion. If you go for traditional wear, you can glance over it. Hope you look your finest.

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