Style tips for work

People have a lot of decisions to make, including what to wear between the hours of 9 to 5. Your confidence is definitely the most important thing, but if looking good makes you feel good, there’s nothing wrong in it. If you are looking for work wear and college wear inspiration, this blog is for […]

মেয়েদের হাল ফ্যাশনের সাতকাহন

দূর্গাপূজো একেবারে প্রায় দরজায় এসে কড়া নাড়ছে আর পূজো মানেই বাঙালি বোঝে নতুন ফ্যাশন, নতুন জামাকাপড়, অনেক খাওয়া-দাওয়া আর ভ্রমন তো সাথী হিসাবে আছেই। দূর্গাপূজো নিয়ে বাঙালির এই উত্তেজনা, উন্মাদনা কোনোটাই অজানা নয়, আর সেই কারনে চারিদিকে পূজোর গন্ধ আসার সাথে সাথেই বাঙালির পূজোর কেনাকাটা কিন্তু প্রায় শুরু হয়ে গেছে। তাই এবার কেনাকাটা করতে যাওয়ার […]

Summer Fashion

Summer fashion Summers are here scorching and killing with all its presence but one has to be efficiently active with ones daily OOTD be it at office or at college or at functions you’ve got to beat the heat! Here is some awesome suggestion that you can make use from your existing wardrobe – 1. […]

Graphic For The Eyes, 2017 Eye Makeup Trends

Compliments of the season folksiest and i hope you had a fabulous Christmas and a rocking NYE too! Now that we are in 2017, I was looking up some of the trends to know what could be the next-quirky-thing in eye makeup! It seems graphic eye makeup would be a big hit, so let’s take […]

Notch It Up On the Grooming This New Year

It’s certainly nippy in the air and the mood is far from being somber; can’t blame the party revelers and the millennials going crazy about their plans to chill out- literally some of them i tell you. With that being said, as a student of cosmetology, i cannot help but notice some of us not […]

Meet Mr. Kolkata First Runner Up 2016, Subha Moy Ghatak

It is not everyday that you get an opportunity in life, and then go on to give it your best shot. But what does one do when life doesn’t go your way? You don’t sit and whale your time or cry over what didn’t come out of your expectations, isn’t it? At the Mr and […]

Brace Yourself As BEING BONG Sweeps The City And Beyond

For most of the time, as a fashionista and a fashion stylist, I dig my nose into the nooks and corners of the city. Why? To explore and discover what’s new, but hello, I don’t mean fashion that is utterly ridiculously priced. If you know me by now, I talk about real stuff, which you […]

Meet Mr. Best Personality Kolkata, 2016- Saurav Mandal

It was on July 19th, 2016, an event organized by M.A.D.Pixels Productions, Kolkata, to which I played stylist, editor in chief and host for the grand finale of Mr. and Miss Kolkata 2016, where the judges voted one glamorous boy “Mr. Best Personality”- Saurav Mandal. The evening ended with a bang, with eminent judges from […]