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Interview Session with Neel Bhattacharya

Interview session with Actor Neel Bhattacharya :

Can you shed some light on the character you have played in your upcoming feature film Chitra?

Ans:- I am playing the character of Neel in Chitra. Neel is basically a 20 years old, NRI guy who pays a visit to India, his city Kolkata for the first time to complete his assignment on Indian Culture and traditions. There he falls for a girl named Chitra for which he faces various complexities and endures penalty from unusual situations which he never thought of.

How was it to work with debutant director Abhigyan Mukherjee?

Ans:-  It was really an amazing experience working with Abhigyan.  He is a very good friend before a director to me. We are of the same age, so our professional discussions were rather friendly and not severe.  He is very talented who has a competent ability to explain a particular situation or the character.  He makes things easier for everyone and it was delightful to work with such a cool and calm friend of mine.

Neel Bhattacharya with Shankar Chakraborty in ‘Chitra’

How was it to work with your co-actor Pujarini Ghosh?

Ans:- It was a nice time working with Pujarini. Basically, we had a group. Pujarini, Abhigyan, me and Shaket, we all had spent some amusing and comical time together. Pujarini is very proficient and talented in her acting skills. When we had scenes together, it was always easy for me to deliver the shots in the best way possible. It was really fun working with such a strong actor and a lovely girl.

Can you share any memorable experience of yours from the sets of Chitra?

Ans:-  There are several unforgettable experiences from the sets of Chitra. Shooting for Chitra was really enjoyable. I would like to share a funny incident with you.  It was the second day of our shoot and there was a close-up shot of mine. I had to deliver a particular dialogue and no sooner Abhigyan had cut the shot, than everyone started cackling hard. I was really confused. It was a problem with the movement of my lips that made them giggle and thereby I got conscious and it was really difficult for me to give the shot as I was laughing at it too, looking at myself in the monitor.

What is your take on the music of Chitra? Any one song, you are in love with, if you want to mention.

Ans :-  I think music of Chitra is brilliant. Mohul da didn’t seem to work for the first time as a music director. The songs are the strongest wealth of our film that can lead Chitra reach the audiences affirmatively before release. It is quite difficult for me to mention any one song, because each song has its own significance. With such breathtaking lyrics written by Ambali di and Prasen da, superb singers and fabulous compositions, people will fall in love with each of the songs. Though, being not biased, my favorite is Mie Amore sung by Timir Biswas as I love romantic songs.

Neel Bhattacharya with Pujarini Ghosh

You are working both in Television and Cinema. How are you managing both at the same time?

Ans:-  Shooting for Chitra ended a week before I started working for television. For now, I am concentrating on television and the promotions for Chitra but future can’t be predicted. Let’s hope for the best.

You took up acting as your profession. So, did you always wanted to be an actor?

Ans:- Ya, I always wanted to be an actor. I started acting from the age of 12. School plays were my first opening to the world of acting when I was in class 5. It matured with LOK with my close buddy Soumyajit Majumdar. So my initial character building has been done there only. I got featured on various stages all over India as part of Lok more than 100 times. It has been a pretty good journey till now with Chitra and Thik jeno Love Story which will continue in the future.

Neel Bhattacharya

What inspired you to choose acting as your profession?

Ans :-  My parents always inspired me to live up to my dreams although their key demand was that I will have to complete my MBA which I eventually did and was given a free hand to sheer my luck at acting. But, apart from my parents, it is Mr. Shah Rukh Khan, who is my idol. I have grown up watching him, trying to imitate him, loving the characters he has played in his films and his real life story has inspired me the most to choose acting as my profession.

Do you have any message for your fans?

Ans:- I will just say that I am new to this and am trying to learn each and every day. I would like to get feedback from all my lovely fans so that I can meet their expectations and improve my acting skills. Thanks to each and everyone for supporting and loving me so much.

A Scene from ‘Chitra’

What made you change your name to “Neel” from “ Abhijit” ?

Ans:-  It is basically a co-incidence. In Chitra, my character name is Neel. And while shooting for it, my mom took me to an astrologer and according to him, Neel suits my stars and it is the best for my acting career. It was a bit surprising for all of us and I was happy to earn my first character name Neel as my own name in this profession. wishes Neel Bhattacharya all the best for his upcoming flick CHITRA and his television series Thik Jeno Love Story only on Star Jalsa..

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