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Adda with Madhubanti Bagchi

Adda with Madhubanti Bagchi

1) Tell us about your journey in brief.

My family was involved with music. I learned from my father. I got the opportunity to learn from Vidushi Subhra Guha and Purnima Chowdhury. Later, I got a little distracted due to my higher studies but eventually came back to music and chose singing as my profession.

2) Who/What has been your inspiration.

Everyone is my inspiration.

3) How was your early life.

My family was a bit strict when it came to studies. They were like “Gan Bajna Korcho Koro, Kintu Porasuna ta bhule korte jeo na!” (It’s great that you are involving yourself in music. But don’t do that without forgetting about studies). I completed my M.Tech but my interest was always towards music.

4) What are the difficulties that you had to face to reach this far?

The decision itself is very difficult. Whenever you take decision, follow and work on that, don’t look here and there.

5) What is your favorite cuisine?

I love to eat all kinds of food. I prefer Chinese the most.

6) You perform in different genres. What is your basic genre?

My basic genre is Indian Classical Music. This genre helps to mould your voice and adapt to other genres also.

7) Your favorite destination.

I have travelled to many places. Kerala is one of my favorite. I would like to visit Ladakh someday. I have heard that the place is very nice.

8) Tell us about “Egiye De”

Egiye De was a very formal experience for me. Arindam (the music director) was very friendly to me as we were of the same age. I came to know that Dev and Srabanti are the leading duo in the film. But I was surprised to hear that the title track would be sung by Arijit Singh. The music was also very attractive.

9) According to you, what are the three basic qualities a vocalist should have?

Ear, Voice and Dedication.

10) What is the current scenario for the upcoming singers in Tollywood?

The youngsters are getting the platform to prove themselves. But they need to be determined to survive along with the persons who are already established

11) Any message for upcoming singers.

I do not think there is any difference between upcoming and established singers. Not only singers, for every individual, each day is very challenging and difficult. So, you need to understand your own limits, the environment and move forward.

12) Any message for LaughaLaughi.

I am amazed to see such serious youngsters taking this initiative into professionalism. I wish them all the best for their future.

Credits - Swarnadeep Paul, Aniket Das, Deepayan Bakshi and Swarnali Dutta
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