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The “SHAKE” Factor: Summer Drinks

Since Summer is almost ready to bid adieu and Monsoon ready for its onset, let’s rejuvenate ourselves. The former has…

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Exercise and a proper diet

Are you suffering from weakness? or are you become very fat? then you can follow a proper diet chart given…

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Water memory: myth or science

Water is so beautiful we all know. It flows on its own. It takes shape of any container you keep.…

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Dish on your way, a healthy recipe

Dish on your way. Since we all are at home I think we need to spend our time by doing…

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How emotional infection can be avoided?

We all know when season changes we fall sick except strong immunity people. Most of the people are not aware…

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অক্সিজেন জোগান দিতে অক্সিজেন বার রাজধানীতে

দিল্লির বায়ুতে অক্সিজেন এর গুণমান ইতিমধ্যে গুরুতর  বিভাগে পৌঁছেছে।  জলবায়ু পরিবর্তনের কারণে ক্রমবর্ধমান বৈশ্বিক তাপমাত্রার প্রভাব পড়েছে এই শহরে বেশি।…

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It’s All About Chakdaha Saffron Restaurant

Hey guys! Today i will say about the very famous restaurant at Chakdaha. it’s Chakdaha Saffron Restaurant. Here you get…

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This daily food for eating and appyling, the versatile foods

This daily food for eating and applying, the versatile foods. Foods are incorporating themselves into beauty regimes regularly. Eating them…

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Celebrate Diwali with the sips and bites from ‘Diner 49B’

Be it a glitzy Diwali night or a cozy winter afternoon, there’s always some time for a happy meal. Escape…

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Burger Challenge at The Beanshot cafe

The Beanshot cafe provides Continental, Italian and Mexican food. It takes about Rs500 for two. The Beanshot cafe located in…

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