Written Update of Bigg Boss 12-EPISODE 49-DAY 48

Weekend ka Var was back with a great bang! Salman Khan was all dressed in traditional Kurta. He greeted everyone and wished ‘Happy Diwali’. All the housemates were dressed beautifully in traditional dresses. As the episode proceeded, Salman congratulated Sree for becoming the Captain of the house and he also tried to make Jasleen understand her flaws and mistakes. Mr Khan also told Jasleen, Romil was the mastermind behind every plan and how everyone used her as a ‘Bali ka Bakhra’. Salman had some good words for Sree. Yes, Sree is rather a very tough competition for everyone in the house. Sree is the most visible one and Salman also said that housemates can either hate Sree or love Sree but can never ignore him.

Salman also
teased KV a bit, he said that KV thinks that he’s Shah Rukh Khan. He also
suggested KV show his actual personality and stop acting.

The appy
fizz caller called and asked Megha about her game plans and why she is still alone
in the house. It was a bit of matter of surprise for the viewers that Megha was
still not a part of any of the groups to which Megha answered that she’s still
trying to understand and analyse the housemates.

Then Romil,
Somi and Jasleen were having a conversation about the captaincy task. Jasleen
was very disappointed with Romil. She was angry at
Romil for planning the whole game against her.

Hina Khan
entered the house and she greeted everyone. There was an activity named ‘ Hina Ki Adalat’. Here, Hina Khan was the viewer’s voice and she asked the participants some
questions which the viewers have asked and accused to the house members. Hina
asked Dipika to come to the ‘Kathgarha’ first and she tod her that everyone
thinks that she’s always roaming around Sree, and without Sree, she has zero existence in the house. She
tried to defend herself and after Hina made her realize that she was really
very much into Sree and apparently, she had lost her identity, Dipika then
realised her mistakes and promised to work on it.

Survi Rana
came to the ‘Kathgarha’ then. Hina told that everyone was very surprised after
the changes in the relationship between
her and Sree overnight. Survi and Sree were like enemies and overnight they
became friends, it was a little surprise for everyone. Survi said that they are
not friends yet but yes, now she has no bad feelings about Sree and she doesn’t
count him as an enemy anymore. She also added
that she misunderstood Sree first, she had overrated previously and now she
wants to give him a chance.

Jasleen came
to the ‘Kathgarha’ lastly. The most gossiped affair of the town was now having
questions on it’s authenticity. Anup ji had denied of having any kind of love
relationship between him and Jasleen. Hina asked that if she had faked the
relationship to come to the show. Jasleen had a justifying answer and she also
told Anup ji to keep his calm and not panic more. She was shocked after hearing
about Anup Ji’s statements.

Hina Khan
left. Jasleen and Megha were discussing Anup ji.  Jasleen was very upset and was crying a bit.

Salman Khan
welcomed Aditya Narayan to the stage. He sang ‘ Ram ji chal dekho’ and later on
he copied the style of singing of Kumar Sanu, Anu Mallick followed by his
father, Udit Narayan ji.

Aditya was
friends with Dipika and Sree. He said that Sree is a very genuine person, in
his words Sree is an ‘unfiltered’

dedicated songs for some of the housemates. Deepak and Somi again got teased.

queen Bharti Sing comes to the stage, she performed ‘Karwa Chauth’ with Salman
Khan and made everyone laugh with her comedy skills. While Bharti and Salman
were performing all the rituals of ‘Karwa Chauth’ Aditya kept singing ‘Dekho
chand aaya, chand nazar aaya….’.
And the episode ended with Salman, Aditya and Bharti taking a selfie together.

-Trisha Saha

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